Our Lives Follow Our Thoughts

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Our lives follow our thoughts whether you choose to believe it or not. Typically what we think about the most is what we end up getting.


So many people today are not really enjoying their lives because of the condition of their minds. They constantly dwell on negative, destructive, harmful thoughts. They don’t realize it, but the root cause of many of their problems is simply the fact that their thought life is out of control.


More than ever, we have to realize that our lives follow our thoughts. If you think negative thoughts, then you’re going to live a negative life. If you think discouraging, hopeless thoughts, or even mediocre thoughts, then your life is going to go down that exact same path.

Most negative people will never believe that their thoughts and their negative words are the reason for their negative crappy lives, but it really is. Anyone can have a much more positive, rewarding life by simply changing the way they thing and the way they speak.

Remember this: Our association has a great deal to do with how we think and how we speak.

If we are hanging out with negative people who are all doom and gloom, then more than likely that is the exact life we are living. However, if we are hanging out with positive people who are speaking positive and are dreamers, then that is who we to will become.

It is so simple to have the life we want by simply changing our association. Believe it or not, it’s just the way it works!

our lives follow our thoughts

Speak Things Into Existence

I challenge you right now to think about what you’re thinking about. Don’t let those self-defeating thoughts linger in your mind. Instead, start thinking about positive things instead of the negative things and refuse to allow the negative to linger in your mind any longer.

Refuse to speak those negative things that you might be thinking about because our lives follow our thoughts. If you want a negative life, then keep speaking negative and thinking negative thoughts. Our thoughts dictate our actions.

But a great deal of new research shows that the truth is entirely opposite. Our thoughts, perceptions and judgements directly affect our biology.

So the more self-critical and judgmental you are, the more your subconscious will work to convince you of your worthlessness. But if you make a habit of surrounding yourself with positive reminders and vibes, then the same thoughts will direct your actions towards goal orienting behavior.

Though you can’t control how your subconscious directs your actions and perceptions, you can choose what to feed it. Your story and the power of your thoughts is exactly the way your life will go.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher