Things Will Happen – Don’t Give Up!

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There will always be setbacks and challenges in life, but don’t give up just because of a few little road blocks…or set backs.

Both of our generators have been running fine day in and day out…even through the extreme heat conditions here in Missouri, or at least until a few days ago that is.

Our big generator “the beast” that powers everything in our fifth wheel camper “our home”, including both air conditioners, lights, and everything else. I worked out Tuesday morning and then shut the generator off and went on about my day. Later that evening I went to start it to turn on the ac and my wife wanted to cook dinner, but it wouldn’t start. It was full of oil and gas, but refused to start…

So after checking it over good I noticed that it was extremely low on compression which I believed was the main problem. So we took it over to the shop and pulled the small generator off of the deep freeze and used it overnight for staying cool inside of a very hot camper “home”.

The deep freeze will easily sit without power overnight and still be less than 15 degrees as long as the door doesn’t get opened. Remember: if your power ever goes out, DO NOT open the freezer doors or refrigerator door to look at stuff. It will stay cold as long as the door remains closed…or at least for 8-12 hours depending on how well your freezer door seals. Our deep freeze is at least 25 years old and still will hold below 15 degrees without power for overnight. If it’s cool or cold outside it will hold even longer.

So back to the generator issue…lol. The small generator would NOT run the air conditioner and struggled with the microwave, but ran all the lights and everything else just fine. We was able to have the windows open and a few fans running to keep up very comfortable overnight. The small generator is a GP3300 Generac. The large one “the beast” that quit is a GP7000E.

The next morning I start in tearing into the beast to find out what the problem is and have found that it is hurt, and with no time or desire to take the time, or spend the money trying to repair it and be one generator short, I started looking for replacement generators for it. I found one at Lowe’s that was the only one of this size they had in my area, and it was on sale until the end of week. So without hesitation I jumped in my truck and went to get it.

This new Generac 5500 handles the load just fine, and isn’t near as loud as the beast was. Now, I could have got all mad and just gave up on the setbacks, but instead I desided to not allow this temporary setback steal my joy and keep me from doing the things we wanted to do. Instead, I just evaluated the situation and thought the best solution (especially the fastest and easiest) was to just bite the bullet and get a replacement generator.

My point is simple; there will always be setbacks in many things we all do in life, but how you handle those setbacks will determine how well you move forward and prosper. Don’t give up my friend! Never give up on what you want in life…never!

Yes we are wanting electricity and water to our new property, and we will have it, but for now we have to work with what we have, and that is totally off grid living. This is a property that has never had any water or power to it, so we’ve found out that these things take time and different procedures to get. But we are making due just fine, even though we’ve had many setbacks and difficultys.

The key for us had been…don’t give up attitudes. The key for us had been; stay focused on what we want and to keep praying and believing for the things we desire.

Is there something in your life you are wanting and maybe not seeing it come to pass for you? Keep believing that it will come to pass and pray about it. Get God involved and it will turn around for you. Maybe not tomorrow, or even next week, but it will if you keep praying and believing for it. Don’t give up!

Always do your best,