Make the decision and then follow through…

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You have to make the decision and then follow through with some action. Just having and idea and saying your going to do it, without action behind it will never get you the results you want.

It takes a decision, a plan, and then follow that up with ACTION!

Make the decision and then follow through

Those dreams you have can come true…just like they do for others. Dreams really do come true! You first must believe that your dream can come true.

I have always dreamed of having property/acreage with a really long lane with trees on both sides of the lane all the way back to a home…and a gate at the entrance. I’ve always dreamed of raising/growing my own food sources as well. The cool thing is; we now have the acreage with the long lane and trees on both sides of the lane for a quarter of a mile back to where we live. Next comes the food sources. 🙂

My wife has had that same dream…and now that dream has came true. Yes, years and years later, but it came true because we never stopped believing that it would eventually come true.

make the decision and then follow through
What is your dream?

Do you want more than anything else?

What are you willing to do to get it?

Maybe your not a dreamer, or maybe you are just a wisher? You must believe my friend! Get a dream in your mind and then think and speak about it all the time. Believe that your dream can come true. Let’s face it, not everyone will believe this kind of stuff, but those are the ones that will not go far in life either. The believers, the dreamers, the ones that take action on their dreams and goals are the ones that will BUST through any walk that gets in their way.

Do you have that “I WILL succeed mentality? Or are you the one that says and thinks it can only happen to others and not you? Your thoughts will guide you to the results. So what results do you want?

Here are some more clean up pictures of our dream property.

make the decision and then follow throughmake the decision and then follow through
Enjoy your journey…and make the decision and then follow through with serious action when it comes to chasing your dreams. Dreams really can come true for you just the same as they have for us and many others all over the world. Chasing your dreams takes faith, belief and work. Put action behind your faith and your dreams will come true!

As always leave comments below of your dream and what you are wanting. Let me know if you have projects and dreams of your own. I’d love to hear about them!

Below is a photo from yesterday after I finished a early morning 30 minute workout. My workouts are still the same as in previous post. I do high intensity and short duration. In other words, my workouts are fast paced with no rest in between sets and I keep my workouts between 15-30 minutes, and only 3 times weekly. I will continue to do my best to keep you up to date on everything, shoot videos that share how to do different projects, etc, and also continue to keep sharing pictures of our projects before and after. 😉

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

P.S. We are still living in our fifth wheel while we build our new home. And if you’ve been following our new journey, then you will know we are still totally off grid. The power company still hasn’t got any power to our land yet, nor has the water company been here to set a meter for us yet…

So yes, we are still running off of generators and I’m still hauling water for our fifth wheel accommodations. Believe it or not; we love this new life and would never go back to the city living and being right next to others. No thanks!

make the decision and then follow through