We finally have electricity on our property…)

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It’s been a long and challenging 3 months without electricity to our new property, but a fun one too.

We have been powering our fifth wheel camper (our home), as well as our shop with generators and battery power. We’ve been hauling our water by way of 300 gallon tank and trailer…

But finally after 3 long months the electric company has got out here to us and provided us with electricity to our property.

Below you will see pictures of our local power company making their way down our road and getting power to our property. Next will come the underground diggers to run the underground wire across our place.

This does make things much easier in so many ways, and much cheaper in terms of not having to fill 2-3…5 gallon jugs of gas daily for the use in generators.

I haven’t trenched to my shop yet (about 250′) to run the electric to it yet, but that will be done very soon. So yes, I am still using generator power over there for working, power tools, deep freezer, big refrigerator, lights, etc. so still using some gas on a daily basis for that, but now that the weather has cooled down so much I am cycling the generator off and on throughout the day and this has cut back the gas usage a great deal.

I have the shop completely wired with electric panel ready to go, but just have to trench and run the power line underground from main box to shop.

Next project will be trenching for our water line. This is over 1/4mile from main gravel road across our property to the fifth wheel and to the shop. And the water lines must be a minimum of 3′ deep to prevent freezing. My goal is much deeper than 3′, but this will also depend on the ground and how much rock I get into.

Just wanted to give everyone that is following our off grid and house building journey an update on our recent progress and additions.

I will be video taping the trenching and running the wire to shop for power, so keep and eye out for those videos.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher