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Have you ever attempted to install overhead door rails to a large 12′ tall and 16′ wide door?

How about adding door rails to a all steel rounded roof style building? Well I’m here to tell you this isn’t no easy task. Standing at the top of an little giant ladder for long periods of time will wear on your legs and joints…especially in 20 degree weather.

Yep, still no wood stove in our shop yet. Just a 115,000 btu diesel heater. It helps, but with this all steel building not being insulated, it is impossible to heat this without a large wood burning stove with fan blowers.

I’ve recently changed my protein and multi vitamin due to the fact that each one of the suppliers are struggling to get orders out, so I’ve made a switch and glad that I did. I never am one that likes change, but I am the first to tell you that this change was the best one I’ve made in a long time.

This protein is the number one selling whey protein in America and it taste amazing. What a boost of energy and stamina it gives me, and on these cold days working outdoors all day long, this is a must.

The Alive multivitamin has boosted my energy level beyond what it already was, and it has made many other things even better…(extra curricular activitys) if you know what I mean. 🙂

The ON brand whey protein can be picked up at your local “The Vitamin Shoppe” or Health and nutrition store, or ordered online in many different locations.

Your body needs protein, so make sure you are feeding it. Remember the rule? Keeping your protein level higher than your carbohydrates and fats is vital to keeping the unwanted fat off, keeping your body super healthy and minimizing the risk of diseases.

This Alive Multi Vitamin can be purchased by using the special discount link below. This multi vitamin taste great and it so effective over all the other multi vitamins I’ve ever taken. My bones and joints don’t ache near as much since I’ve been taking this multi vitamin and my energy levels are far beyond what they was. Oh yeah, so is my sex drive ad mentioned briefly above.

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Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher