Track Your Daily Steps and the Food You Eat…

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Track your daily steps and the food you eat is really important for staying healthy and fit.

If I was to ask you right now how many steps you are getting in each and every day, what would you say? Would you have any clue as to how many steps you are getting each day, or how about the calories you take in each day, the carbs you take in, the fats you take in, or more importantly, the protein that you are taking in each day?

Do you track your daily steps, or do you try to guess how many steps you get? It might actually shock you for the good, or for the bad. It takes a great deal of walking to get in 10,000 steps per day…trust me! But if you track your daily steps then you will be more likely to start trying to improve your health by being more disciplined in doing it daily.

Below you will see how you can track your daily steps just as I do. These screen shots are just to show you some of my daily activity’s, steps, sleep and calories. All of these Garmin apps are 100% free to use and give you so much valuable information to improve your overall health. You can use the Garmin Vivofit wrist watch tracker to track your daily steps and keep track of the calories you take in as well. This Vivofit will also give you heart rate too.

I purchased my vivofit and my wife’s online for $50 each by using a coupon that I found by searching on Google for vivofit coupons. These were regularly $120 at the time i purchased them a few years ago.

Track your daily steps Track your daily steps Track your daily steps
Track your daily steps Track your daily steps Track your daily steps
Track your daily steps Track your daily steps Track your daily steps
I wanted to share these screen shots of my daily tracker with you, not to brag, but rather to hopefully spark something within you to make a change. Maybe you already are tracking everything you do, but more than likely you aren’t. Most people don’t! Why don’t you Track your daily steps?

Myfitnesspal is a free app that you can get and then sync it to a Garmin Vivofit or other tracking devises. Myfitness pal app is also proven to help lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. Yep, you can lose weight and keep track of it with MyFitnessPal app.


track your daily steps

A good formula to follow is; keep your daily protein level higher than the carbs and fats you take in. This is a proven formula to help people not only lose weight, but also to keep the unwanted weight off. Here are some of the benefits of a higher protein diet <<.

Track Your Daily Steps and the Food You Eat

Track your daily steps

Talking about it is one thing, but actually doing it is another. We all set our New Years Resolutions, but very few people ever follow through with that resolution. How about giving it a try? How about getting yourself a Garmin Vivofit like the one I am wearing in the picture above and the same one I continue to wear. Track your daily steps with vivofit, then you can sync at the end of your day with Garmin Connect and it will give you a complete graph of your steps, your food, calories taken in, sleep, other activity’s that you might have done throughout the day and much more. This Garmin is also a wrist watch with date as well. It gives you so much information…and very comfortable to wear.

How About The Vitamins You Take or Don’t Take?

The vitamins and supplements play a huge roll in the extra energy that I have and being able to do things at the age of 55 that most teenagers nowadays don’t even have the energy to do.

Last year I had an issue with hives after running in the heat. I changed my running schedule to after dinner due to the 100 degree heat we was having and every single time as soon as I was finished I would start breaking out in hives. One night it was so bad my throat was swelling shut and making it difficult for me to breathe, so my wife took me to the local ER and they gave me a shot to stop the hives. My benadryl wasn’t working fast enough this time and the shot did…

the doctor asked me what I had done different and I told him, then he said what have you been eating for the last 10 days. How many people could remember that…right? Guess what? I had my Garmin tracker and I opened up my free Garmin/myfitnesspal app and showed this doctor everything for the last many months. He was shocked to say the least, and went on to tell me that if everyone would do this, it would make his job so much easier, and could possible even save some lives.

My doctor went on to figure out that my problem was food/heat induced hives and all I had to do is stop doing anything that really made me sweat a lot in the hot weather right after I ate a big meal. Pretty simple fix! Thanks to my Garmin and my free apps the problem was fixed quickly.

Do You Need More Energy?

Are you already taking vitamins? And if so, more than likely your vitamins are just storing themselves inside you like this picture below. Before I got really educated with vitamins and supplements and the do’ and don’t’s, my El cheapo vitamins was doing this very same thing as shown in this picture…

and it was kinda scary to me after someone had me perform a self test with a glass of water and my vitamins that I thought was doing me good.

Track your daily steps
Not sure about your so-called good vitamins?

In the picture above you will see an ex-ray taken showing the vitamins that have been laying on the inside of this person for 3 days. Do you think that person’s vitamins are doing what they are suppose to be doing? Not hardly! This is what 95% of tablets/pill type vitamins do.

Run this little test and see for yourself. Simply take a glass of water and drop in a daily dose of your vitamin tablets and write down the time you do this and then revisit the glass later to see if they have dissolved yet…

More than likely your tablets/capsules won’t dissolve for days, and may never dissolve. If this is the case, then STOP taking them and start taking something that will actually do you good. If they don’t dissolve, then they aren’t doing anything for you and you are wasting your hard earned money on crap.

Now, if you are taking a premium multi vitamin like I do, then you have nothing to worry about. There is liquid and then there is gummy’s. The absorption rate on a good proven multi vitamin is almost immediate which I call perfect. So within 15-30 minutes you can actually feel the difference.

Below are some advantages to my Premium Multi Vitamin.

  • Bone and Joint Health

Calcium and Glucosamine are well known supplements that help support healthy bones and joints.

  • Heart Health

CoQ10 is a major antioxidant that helps support the heart.

  • Digestive Health

Aloe and Turmeric are well known for helping to support healthy digestion, and Turmeric may support other important bodily functions.

  • Mood and Memory

Eleuthero or Siberian Ginseng helps support healthy sleep and helps control fatigue.

  • Vision and Eye Health

Lutein is a type of carotenoid, and helps support healthy eyes and vision.

Above are just some of the additional things that my Premium Multi Vitamin supports. This gummy multi vitamin has truly helped me function at a much higher rate and I sleep so much better than I previously did. All of the aches and discomforts that I was feeling in my legs and knees is now gone as well.

Premium Multi Vitamins For A New You

In a perfect world we would all eat perfectly and take in all the right nutrition to maintain healthy tissue and organ function from our food. However, few people do this. Few people eat properly and few people eat a well balanced meal/diet.

Even if they did, the depleted soils provide insufficient vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important elements. This is exactly why taking a good high quality liquid multi vitamin like Premium Nature Way 50+ Multi Vitamin makes sense.

Get yours today and start living a higher quality of life. In addition, make the decision to start tracking your daily steps and the food you take in. Do this daily!

You’re not what you eat, you’re what you absorb! Do yourself a favor starting right now. If you are not already taking a good quality premium multi vitamin, then start taking one right away. You can try a good Premium Multi Vitamin, or keep doing what you are doing. It is proven that those that take good multi vitamins are much healthier, more energetic, more focused and overall happier. Natures Way Alive 50+ is what I use and recommend. These gummy vitamins are like eating candy.

Make sure you start tracking everything you do as well by using a Garmin or some type of tracking device that will track your daily steps and the food you take in. This is a must to really get in the best shape of your life and to maintain a healthy you.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher