How To Use MyFitnessPal To Your Advantage

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How to use MyFitnessPal to your advantage is something that I have learned over the course of a few years of using it now.

MyFitnessPal is a free app that you can get and use to your advantage in many different ways. Let me explain.

  • You can use MyFitnessPal for losing weight
  • MyFitnessPal can be used with any phone to keep track of the calories you take in daily
  • It can also me used for workouts to help you get and stay fit
  • Keep track of your sleep with MyFitnessPal
  • Your daily steps can be tracked using MyFitnessPal
  • Use this free app to scan bar codes before buying food to see what the nutritional values are

Of course there are many more things that you can use MyFitnessPal for, but the ones I listed above are what I use it to keep track of. Once again, the best part is it’s free to use. This free app is the most amazing app I have ever used. I am approaching 600 days that I have used it. how do I know this you might ask? Well, the MyFitnessPal app sends me notifications telling me (Congratulations you have logged in to MyFitnessPal for 585 or however many days, log in today and make it 586…or whatever it may be). I love these notifications because it tells me that I am being very disciplined with my diet, workouts, steps, etc, and recording everything that I do daily.

That my friend is encouragement!

What I love is the fact that you can track your daily steps and the food you eat. This among other things that you can do, like, view your sleep habits, your exercising, how much protein, carbs and fats that the foods you eat have in them. I also like the fact that you can pre scan foods with bar codes before eating them.

Don’t forget to get yourself a Garmin Vivofit wrist watch tracker (like pictured above here), or some kind of tracker. I think that Garmin is the BEST! This keeps track of your steps, heart rate and everything else mentioned here by pairing them all together. I really recommend the Garmin Vivofit because of their low price, the simplicity of them, their accuracy and dependability. This is the only item that will cost you anything. However, as mentioned in yesterdays blog post I share how to get them really cheap.

So why do I even tell you about this free app? What’s in it for me you might ask? Nothing, natta,zip!

I tell you all of this (share it with you) in hopes that it will encourage you to use this incredible app so that you to can get in great shape, lose weight, maintain your weight, or whatever your goal might be.

How to use MyFitnessPal To Your Advantage

Here’s what you do. Go online right now to and signup for a free account. Then take your cell phone, or mobile device and search your apps. Next you will need to download it, then get inside and start getting familiar with it.

Then you will want to go back to the apps in your phone and search “Garmin Connect” and download it as well. Yes, it’s free too! 🙂

Now you can go into your MyFitnessPal app and enter the water you drank, the food you have ate, the snacks you have had for the day, and the exercise that you’ve done. Don’t forget to enter EVERYTHING…(like the soda pop, the beer and all the junk you might be eating or drinking)…be honest with it and it will be brutally honest with you…lol. However, if you don’t like what you are seeing, you can make a change be doing better at eating, exercising, etc.

When your day is finished you can hit sync on your Garmin Vivofit, or whatever device you wear to track with and then go over to your Garmin Connect app and there you can see all of the graphs, charts and information on your day. Your sleep chart/graph, your steps, your food/calories chart. etc. You can find even more ways on How to use MyFitnessPal by searching the MyFitnessPal website, or on Google.

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Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher