Dream Beyond Your Circumstances…)

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Many people are stuck in a rut. Not because they aren’t talented; not because they don’t have God’s favor, but because their vision is limited.

Is Your Vision Limited?

Most can’t see beyond their circumstances. They don’t see themselves accomplishing their dreams, being promoted or living healthier. As humans we just see more of the same because it’s what we are focused on.

Dream beyond your circumstances
What we see in our mind is what we’re going to move toward.

The truth is, we all have vision. Every one of us has a picture in our mind of our self, our family and our future.

The question is, what does your picture look like? Would you be willing to Dream beyond your circumstances?

Do you see yourself rising higher, overcoming obstacles, living an abundant life? Is it possible for you to dream beyond your circumstances?

What if you was to change your focus?

Why not look beyond, or dream beyond your circumstances and allow for a higher help. Get a higher dream, and a greater vision for your life.

Dream beyond your circumstances
Open your eyes and your mind today. Allow yourself to dream like you did as a young child.  Many people think that dreaming is foolish. I personally think that not allowing ourselves to dream is what’s foolish.

Dream beyond your circumstances today.

Life can be challenging at times and very difficult if we allow ourselves to focus on the problems. But if we would just allow ourselves to Dream beyond your circumstances, it would make things much easier.

Don’t forget what you have. You may not realize it, or be able to see it right now because of your circumstances, but you are blessed. You have greatness within you, and God loves you no matter what is going on in your life.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Dream beyond your circumstances