Personal Power

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Have you ever heard of a thing called personal power? We all have it you know.

Most people nowadays think there’s some kind of ‘magic ingredient’ or ‘secret formula’ when it comes to being successful. Some also think it’s some kind of luck if a person becomes successful.

The real sad fact is that holding on to beliefs like these will dis-empower you TREMENDOUSLY…

They’ll absolutely drain your own inner personal POWER, and leave you feeling at the “mercy” of the Universe…you’ve got to SUSPEND your disbelief.

STOP being afraid…and STOP running scared!

Here’s the secret formula (magic recipe). There is no secret formula, or magic recipe for success.

The only thing you TRULY need to become successful and make your wildest dreams come true is this one thing called FAITH.

You must have Faith in yourself. Unshakeable confidence in your own abilities to do anything you set your mind on doing.

personal powerPersonal Power – Your Inner Power

You must BELIEVE you can do it…no matter what! Rely on your “personal power”…your inner power.

Say to yourself:

“Yes, I can” and “Yes, I will” over and over and OVER again…

Don’t let the critics and the naysayers see you sweat. Because YOU have the personal power within you my friend!

Keep working. Stay busy. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other one. Never stop believing you can accomplish anything you set your mind on. Never quit!

You can make it there — I know you will

Sometimes things may seem impossible. Things might seem to be to big or the mountains to large to climb. Refuse to speak about how big your mountains are and tell your mountains how big your faith is…how big your God is.

All of the struggles you’re facing now will make your victory that much sweeter.

Always do your best,

Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher