How To Build Your Own Blog…(step by step)

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How To Build your own blog…(step by step) and make money with it!

Just the thought of building your own website or blog is daunting to most people. However, by using this blog post and the free e-Book below of “How To Build your own blog”, will walk you through simple steps to get the job done painlessly. How To Build your own blog is something that I’m sure you will find fairly simple using this step by step guide I’ve prepared here for you. Please don’t get overwhelmed, just follow the guide and have fun doing it!

This (step by step) eBook / blog post on How to Build your own blog is going to share exactly how to set up your website or blog from start to end. I am also going to share the different social media traffic sources (free ones) that you can send your blog post to and get visitors to your site as well as collect leads and turn those leads into sales for money into your bank account. How to build your own blog or website is something that many people are afraid to try themselves and by doing so, they fail to ever reach their full potential and the full potential of their business and income.

Sound good? I sure hope so, because most everyone that hasn’t already done it, wants to know how. Let’s get started!

Where and How To build Your Own Blog!

The first thing you will want to do is go over to, or and grab a domain name. I always recommend trying to get your full name dot com which helps build your brand and get you ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines, so that when people search your name (and they will), you will be for sure to pop up on that first page under your name search. I ALWAYS recommend using dot com! If they don’t have what you want, then try dot net, but try your best to get the .com extension, because people know that extension and trust it.

  1. Get domain name
  2. Get a web hosting provider
  3. You will then want to install onto that domain name from the backoffice of your web hosting company.

Next you need to follow the steps below to get everything all set up and ready to go live. This is simple and easy, so follow along and have some fun while you are learning some helpful tricks for future projects.

So are you ready to build your own blog?

First Thing To Do after Setting Up Your Web Hosting Account:

  1. First you need to be logged into your web hosting c-Panel and scroll to the bottom and on the left hand side you will see your “NAME SERVERS”. You will take these and add them to your Domain Name Account (like or using the guide below.
  2. Go to your domain account and log in. Then go to “Manage My Domains”. Find the domain that you just registered or want to install WordPress to and put a check mark beside it in the little box on left. Then a menu bar will appear above that and hover over the “Name-servers” tab and then click on “Set Name-servers”.
  3. Next a pop up box will appear and you will click on “Custom” and then click on “Add Name-servers”. You will now add the name-servers from your web hosting account one by one in the 2 boxes provided.
  4. Now it should pop up a little box and say changes are saved, or something to that effect…and your done in this account.

Now it’s time to jump back over to your web hosting backoffice (c-Panel) and get things wrapped up there too.

  1. Let’s set up your add on-domain file.
  2. After you are logged into your backoffice your your web hosting c-panel account, then scroll down to “Domains and click on “AddOn Domain” like the picture right below here.

Once you have clicked on the “AddOn Domains” tab, then fill out the fields provided and click “add domain”. MAKE SURE like the picture below here that you add the domain name that you just purchased, or one that you already have in the first box WITHOUT the http://www…ONLY use the domain name itself like: “” and then it will come up with a Green Check mark and will AUTO load the next box below for your username. The root box will also be auto populated with your c-panel login username…LEAVE it alone…

Then use SECURE password and keep trying until you get the green light and it says “Very Strong 100/100”. You can also use the “Password Generator” button for it to give you a very strong and secure password that hackers cannot penetrate into. Now you can hit the tab that says “ADD DOMAIN”. (Write ALL of this down on paper for later…your username and your password).

Now It’s Time For The NEXT Step:

Once you are logged into your backoffice of your c-Panel of your web hosting account, then you will scroll down to the “Software and Services” tab and click on “Quick Install”…like the picture below here.

Next you will click on the “Install WordPress” box…like the picture below here.

Next you will see the “Install WordPress For FREE” tab, so now you will “Click Install WordPress” tab.

Now you will see a drop down menu that you will select the domain name you chose and set up with your web hosting provider, so Click on it now. Then fill out your full name in the provided boxes, admin name (you), website title (can be changed later if you want), etc, and hit install now tab.

What Do You Want Your Website/Blog To Rank For?

Do you want to rank under your name, or under something else like; Make Money Online, or like Health and Fitness?

If it is your own personal domain name, then you might consider using “your name” for the site title to help it rank much faster.

If you are using a domain name like “Health and Fitness Tips and then you might consider using that same title for you website/blog. In this case, using a longer title like in this example is called a “long-tail keyword” and will help you rank easier due to all of the “heavy hitter” big company sites that are into the health and fitness niche as well. DON’T try and compete with them, but instead, use a longer keyword title and phrase to get noticed much faster i the search engines.

Blogs and Keywords

IMPORTANT: You can still rank for other keywords, niches, etc, even if you use your own name as a domain name for your blog! Keywords are very important with your blog. This is how people will find you and your blog post. It’s really very simple stuff once you start doing it…

This may sound confusing and difficult, but trust me, it isn’t that difficult if you just take your time and refuse to get frustrated or discouraged. These step by step instructions will show you exactly How to build your own WordPress blog and start sharing your blog post with the world and friends. Plus, you can also earn some very SERIOUS income along the way if you follow this simple step by step blueprint.

How To Build Your Own Blog

By now if you have been setting up your blog using this step by step blueprint, then your blog should be live online. You are well on your way to having making your business better, more profitable, getting yourself in position on the first page of Google and other major search engines, creating leads (for free) and making sales…if that is what you are wanting to do.

Forget all of the other stuff your doing trying to make money online and learn How To Build your own blog using this very detailed step by step guide and blueprint. Have fun with this and remember, this is to better your life, your finances, and it’s for your future…your retirement!

Sharing Your Information and or Business Using A Blog

Your blog is an extension of you and a way to share your information with the world. It is a way to inspire others and share your tips, tricks and things you’ve learned how to do. Your blog is a way to literally EXPLODE any business simply by sharing things about your business. Notice how I am mentioning the word sharing? I have found by sharing and not always trying to sell, you create way more interest in your blog, you create way more followers, and you create WAY MORE people that just keep coming back for more information that you are simply giving away/sharing.

Now we need to get inside of your blogging platform and set it up (personalize it)! Please relax, learning How To Build your own blog is really easy as long as you tell yourself…(I can follow this guide and DO THIS).

How To Log In To Your Blog:

  1. Go to your domain name that you chose and type it into the browser (a new window).
  2. Use a forward slash and this code inside these parentheses “/wp-login.php” after your domain name like this example below.
  4. Then a log in box will come up.
  5. Your username is the one that came up when you set up your “AddOn Domain” inside your c-Panel backoffice at your web hosting account.

Now that you are logged in, you need to add some free plugins and set up a few simple things that will help your blog rank quickly and also be safe and secure from hackers and spammers. You will also be able to really personalize your blog and make it your taste and be very proud of it…because YOU did it yourself!

Here Are The FREE Plugins You Need To Install:

  1. Akismet: (this blocks spam)
  2. Yoast SEO:
  3. Floating Social Bar: (these buttons will appear by each blog post and page for sharing to social media…free traffic)
  4. Captcha Code: (this allows you to have code on your login page to prevent hackers and bots from getting into your site)
  5. Google Analytics by Yoast: (this is part of your tracking to see where traffic is coming from).
  6. Jetpack by (this is the other part of your tracking system so that you can literally see where everything is coming from, how long they are you your blog post, pages, etc.
  7. PPinger: (this allows your post to automatically ping other sites and notify them of your new post).

You are logged into your backoffice and you will scroll down looking on the left side menu until you get to “Plugins”. Click on “Plugins” and then to the right side in the search bar you will add the above Plugins one by one. Once entered and you hit search, then these will pop up and you will click on INSTALL, and then the next box click on ACTIVATE and your done. Now go to the next one and do the same thing.

On your “Floating Social Bar” plugin, you will need to click on “settings” found on the left side in menu bar and then add your social media usernames to this feature, and pick the social medias that you want to appear on your pages. I use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and Pinterest (ALL of them). This feature is HUGE, so make sure you use it. This will allow you to share your post, and also allow your readers and followers to share your post too…(FREE TRAFFIC).

How Do I Change The Theme Of My Blog (the appearance/look) Of It?

On the left side of your blogging platform (inside your backoffice is; a complete menu where you navigate from feature to feature. This is how you navigate back and forth to everything inside of your blogging platform. This Build your own blog blueprint will share how to build your blog the simple and easy way.

  1. Go to “Appearance” and click on it, or hit “Themes”
  2. Now you pick what strikes your fancy by clicking on “Live Preview” for each one of them to see them live.
  3. When you find one you like, click on “Activate” and now it becomes your new look.
  4. Now you can go to “Customize” and really trick it out to your own personality.

The current “Theme” I am using (at the time of me creating this) on this blog that you are on right now is “Awesome One” by Flythemes. You might be reading this on a PDF,and if so, then at the very TOP of the PDF you will find the direct link to the blog post live on my blog. Click it NOW! This is a free template but has some great features and is very SEO friendly. It ranks great and allows you to really have that )high end) custom look…just like a pro/paid Premium theme. This theme also has AWESOME support encase you have any questions.

ATTENTION: NOT ALL free WordPress themes will be good SEO, nor will rank well. These same themes will also not load quickly, or will they allow your opt in boxes, and your widgets to populate correctly. How to build your own blog and make it look professional and rank good is in appearance, the plugins you use, and your side bar widgets…if you choose to use widgets.

How Do I Install Widgets On My Blog?

  1. Go to “Appearance” on the left side (your menu) and hover over it and click on “Widgets”.
  2. You will see boxes with different things like Calendar, Test, etc…
  3. Put your cursor over the “TEXT” box and drag it to your right side blog/widget side bar and drop it.
  4. In this box is where you will add HTML code for banners, opt in boxes from your autoresponder, etc.
  5. You can also add HTML code for your own picture in the top text box to allow people to see you are a real person (HIGHLY Recommended).
  6. You can add as many of these text boxes as you want. Then you can drag them up or down to arrange them to suit you for appearance on you blog.

These widgets will allow you to add banners to the side of your blog and make money from. Let’s say that you are wanting to sell other peoples products (like Clickbank Products), then grab banners you like from that product affiliate site and add to your side bar widget area. When people click on the banner it will take them to that offer and if they buy the product, then you get the commissions from that product (usually about 70%-80%) is what you get.

Widgets Are Important

Lets say you want to add a picture of yourself, or take a picture and make your own banner? Simple fix! Go to pages on the left menu and click create new page. Title is test page, then grab a picture you like by copying it in your mouse, then on that new page click inside the body of that new page and hit paste. Now click the picture and it will highlight the edges, now click the little link box in the above menu bar and add the link that you want this picture or banner to go to when your prospects see it and click it and enter that link and make sure and check the little box for it to open up in a NEW window when clicked and hit SAVE.

EXAMPLE: MY picture I personally like going to my Facebook profile when people click on it. This is just another way for me to earn peoples trust by them see my picture on my blog, then seeing that I actually do have a Facebook page and there I am again WITH MY PICTURE. This adds so much trust and instant credibility! Some people are afraid to do this because they don’t like the way they look, or they have something that they don’t want people to see. HUGE MISTAKE! People automatically think that you are trying to hide something, or you are a spammer, a bot, or just non existent and they leave to NEVER come back and pay attention to you again.

We all have things that we don’t like about our own pictures, but get over it and add your REAL up to date pictures. I am telling you people are smarter than you think and they will figure you out. And if you are trying to hide something, then they WILL find it and now you have lost any credibility that you might have had.

What Pages Do I Need On My Blog?

The pages you should have on your blog site at a minimum are below here:

  • Privacy Page
  • About Me page
  • Contact Me page
  • Home page
  • Blog page

Your Home page can be either your blog page, or another one you would rather have people see when they visit your blog site. The contact page is a way to be open and transparent and a way for people to reach out to you. ABOUT ME page or About Us page is really important! This is a place to add a little bit of your story and where you have came from (be positive) and no negative at all! Also the privacy page is something that you can do a Google search for and use it as long as it isn’t copyrighted!

**I have tried and tested my home page being a separate page, a sales page, and now my actual blog page, and by far the way it is now if the best!

How Important Is It For Me To Collect Leads/Subscribers On My Blog?

Collecting leads/subscribers at your blog is HUGE for building any business, and especially for creating a residual income for life. The bigger your list, the more money you will make. Typically your leads/subscribers are worth about $1.00 each. So now how many leads/subscribers do you want on your autoresponder list?

By using a Optin box on your blog side bar and also having a Popup box to collect leads is a huge part of your making money success. If you will give away GOOD content, ideas, tips, tricks you’ve learned about something

(your blog niche) will keep people coming back for more. Occasionally you will want to slip in a sales type post where you are really promoting something to sell from your business, or something that you have personally used yourself and had great success with it.

How Do I Communicate With My Leads/Subscribers?

Having a good reliable and reputable autoresponder is by far the BEST way to communicate with your leads/subscribers.

Autoresponders allows you to send to an entire list of subscribers at once, or separately using different list. Having a good autoresponder also will pay you commissions for telling others about it (sharing it).

An autoresponder makes so much sense due to the fact that you can literally automate your business, your blog by setting up a series of autoresponder letters that will go out as often as you want, and for as long as you want. You can also mass send message as often as you want.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you are on the beach somewhere across the world and want to share pictures or videos with your subscribers? No problem! Simply go to your autoresponder and send a message out to your entire list at once with one simple message…in a matter of minutes. You can also do this with this autoresponder by using your smart phone and the autoresponder app.

Build a BIG LIST of your own will build a BIG INCOME!

Where Can I Find Videos on How To Build Your Own Blog?

Go to and search my name “Mike Pilcher WordPress videos” You will find a great deal of videos on “how to build your own blog” You can also just go to Google and search how to build your own blog…

CHECK OUT the subscriber form on the right side of this website/blog…right under our picture. This is a lead capture form from the backoffice of my GVO Autoresponder account. You can use the widget area and add forms just like this one to your blog as well. Visit here << to see another form on one of my lead capture pages I used from my GVO toolbox as well. These forms WORK!

You might be asking yourself; why can’t I just use a free blog, like blogger from Google, or even, or wix, or weebly? Good question! Yes, you can use those free blogs/websites, however, they are not self hosted by you, they don’t have your own personal domain name, and you don’t have FULL control of those platforms.

What About Blogger Builder?

Many people think because they are not web designers, or some hot shot online genius that they cannot succeed online, or even building their own blog. This couldn’t be further from the truth! It is really fairly simple following a blueprint like this one here, but I have one that is even easier. It’s called “Blogger Builder” by GVO. This blogger builder is something that comes with either of the GVO packages I have mentioned above, and it does the website/blog building for you. Yes, it does it all for you with a few clicks of your mouse.

Sound interesting?

Well it is interesting…and very attractive. You can change templates or anything else for that matter, at anytime, with just the click of your computer mouse. So what’s holding you back now from building your own self hosted blog? GVO has thought of it all, and takes you by the hand and walks you through each and every step with self help videos. You can see a video right here << on how it all works.

Negatives Of Affiliate Blogs and Free Blogs

Even using affiliate blogs like many company’s will give you for joining their opportunity, or at least for a small fee of $25.00-$45.00. They will host them for you and set it all up, which sounds very tempting, and they might even add several blogs for the same price. However, this is still NOT self hosted by you and you are NOT in full control of that blog/website. They can and WILL tell you things you can or cannot post, and they WILL have the ability to take that blog/website away from you at any time! So let’s say you have hours and hours in that site, and possibly 100’s of blog post and valuable content that you have poured a great deal of time into, and then that company takes it away from you? This would be devastating for you!

Free Blogs are just what is said here, free. In other words; you get what you pay for. You don’t own it, you cannot control it and you will never be able to earn from it…or at least not earn serious income. Most free blogging platforms will not allow you to use lead collecting widgets or subscriber forms. Collecting leads is the life blood of your blog, so the free ones are absolutely useless!

Free Blogging Platforms ROB YOU!

What this means is real simple. They can be yanked down and taken away from you at ANY time! Let’s say someone sees you as competition and keeps complaining to that free service about you (because they know if they complain enough, that service will delete your blog account), and then the worst thing ever happens. They take your blog away and you lose EVERYTHING that you had on that blog, the content, pictures, traffic…EVERYTHING!

You MUST have FULL CONTROL of your blog. If you own the domain and then use this eBook/blog post here to set it up and SELF HOST it, then you own it, you control it, and Google, as well as other major search engines also brand you as an authority for self hosting your own blog. They reward you for doing this!

So let me ask you this. Why would you even want to have and use a free blog after knowing all of this? I’d hope you would say…I wouldn’t! I have some free ones that I used in the beginning of my online career years ago, but I NEVER use them anymore for these simple reasons. Why put time into something that can literally be taken away from you at ANY time? Yeah, exactly…right!

Time To Make Blog Post Now!

On the left side of your backoffice view, go to “Posts”.

  1. On the left side in your menu…Create your title.
  2. Now in the content box you can start using that area to create your content.
  3. Make sure and use that same title as a keyword in your blog post/your content area at least 6 times.
  4. Use your Yoast SEO tool at the bottom of your content creator box as green light success tool.
  5. MAKE SURE you have a GREEN LIGHT using this Yoast SEO tool before you hit publish so that your blog post ranks in the search engine quickly.
  6. Add photos to your blog post that fit with your post. This will also help get a green light and rank faster.
  7. People LOVE to look at pictures, so make sure they fit into what your writing about.
  8. Take your time and HAVE FUN!
  9. Don’t copy other peoples stuff word for word. This KILLS your blog because it is considered “duplicate” Content.
  10. You can read someone elses stuff and then write it in your own words, but make sure is is different and not the same!

Go through my blog post and see how I have done mine. Model off of them and also go to other blogs and do the same. Get ideas and then incorporate some of these ideas to your own blog. Trust me; LEARN How To Build your own blog by using this information and you will be thanking me later…I guarantee you that!

Keywords Are Huge

TIP: By using some keywords in your content that is the same keywords in other blog post of yours, and then back- linking to that other blog post using those same keyword that your linking to will also BOOST your ranking. EXAMPLE: Let’s say I have a blog post (an older one) that has a title that says “get in shape at any age”, and then I weave that keyword phrase “get in shape at any age” into my post I am creating today, then I would take the link from that older post and backlink that to that older post by simply highlighting that keyword phrase “get in shape at any age” and then add the link to that older post using the link button in the menu bar above your blog post content creator box. This is HUGE!

Taking people from one of your post to another one that will give them even more information about that same topic is huge and will really help your blog ranking. So even though learning How To Build your own blog might seem a bit overwhelming right now, trust me, it is so worth every minute you put into it!

What Autoresponder and Web Hosting Should I Use?

I personally love and use GVO Autoresponder and webhosting Service.

Check out GVO Autoresponder here << REMEMBER: Using GVO “Host Then Profit” not only gives you the reliable service you need from an autoresponder and hosting company, but also so many more marketing tools needed to run the successful business that you want and deserve…(and it’s only $19.97/mo). You will have a list size of 500 with HTP. When your list grows, and it will, then you can upgrade to the “Titanium Package” and have a 50,000 subscriber list, unlimited everything and so much more for a low price of $44.95/month.

BUDGET Package << This package is the perfect starter package. It is ONLY $19.97/month for a complete web marketing package. Everything you need to get started today is in the incredible package!

Are Web Hosting and Autoresponders Accounts Complicated To Use?

You will find that many web hosting accounts as well as most autoresponders are very hard to learn and use. However, GVO is the easiest and fastest to learn and use that I have personally ever used. With “self help” (step by step) videos to watch, it takes the set up troubles away, and makes it fast and simple to get your own self hosted website/blog up and running very quickly!

**GVO offers a web-hosting and autoresponder package that comes with conference room and other tools for one low price. This package is called “Titanium” and gives you a 50,000 subscriber list. This is the BEST deal out there by far and is easy to use, as well as dependable.

Losing Potential Subscribers/Leads

Did you know that if you do not automatically collect the name, email and possibly a phone number from someone when they visit your website that the chances of them ever visiting your site again is less than .001%.

YES… 99.99% of people will never visit your site again if you do not capture their name and email! Guess what. AutoResponder Pro will do it for you automatically! Build your email contact list of those who want to hear more from you and you will automatically build your revenues!

I personally love and use GVO for my Web Hosting Service, as well as my autoresponder service…(and LOVE IT)!

Check out the best money saving package here <<

The service above is by far the BEST and most RELIABLE that I have ever used. I have used many, and these are the BEST! As you might also remember; I said earlier that you could make money using these services as well. Why not use something like GVO to build your business, but also use them to create an incredible residual income over time?

GVO Will Save You Lots Of Money (and make you money)

See how to use these two services to make money with your self hosted blog below here: (these are MUST haves)

  1. Make Money with GVO <<
  2. Use Host Then Profit (BEST DEAL) <<

GVO services can save you lots of money by offering you everything you need (ALL under one roof). The web-hosting packages comes with 50,000 lead autoresponder list, landing pages, web conference rooms, and even a simple to use blogger builder. WOW…now we are talking! Make Sure you get the “TITANIUM PACKAGE” if you choose GVO. This allows you to have UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!

GVO Titanium Package is Explosive for Your Blog

I know this has been a long post (or seems like it), but by know if you have used this blueprint and followed along, then you should be up and going and ready to get your blog noticed and hopefully you’d like to make some real money too. REMEMBER: Making Money with your own self hosted blog is the number #1 goal, and without these services above here (GVO Titanium – or Host Then Profit) it will be almost impossible for you to ever earn SERIOUS INCOME with your blog. You MUST gather leads/subscribers and you MUST have hosting for your blog…(self hosting) that is. The affiliate programs with these two company’s is outstanding and they pay you on time each month.

**You MUST automate your business so that you can set it up once and then leave it and go on about your life. Having an autoresponder like GVO will allow you to do just that. Yes, automate your business…(set and forget)! Your messages will go out automatically as many times, and as often as you choose for them to. You have FULL CONTROL of everything in your backoffice. So your the BOSS!

Social Media Resources To Upload Your PDF’s To:

Creating a PDF from your blog post seems less threatening to people looking at it, versus your actual website/blog. However, once they go over the PDF (if you have links in it, then they might just buy from that PDF on the spot. They might also be interested enough to go right to your actual blog from that PDF. Using a PDF or eBook to GIVE AWAY will help build your subscriber list faster than anything else that you can possibly do. People love FREE stuff!

You simply upload your blog post PDF that you have created using “Print Friendly” and people will start reading these and coming to your blog and then they will opt in to your leads form if you have one. This is all FREE TRAFFIC that you are creating, and the only cost was some of your time. Now, you may be saying to yourself; I don’t have time to do this, which is fine, however, you either pay with your time, or your money. If you want free traffic, then you will have to give some time. If you want lots and lots of traffic with spending any time, then that will require you to spend your hard earned money…and this way isn’t cheap!

Visit here << to get free, serious traffic to your blog and also a free tool for creating your very own PDF from your blog post that you can share with others, just like I am sharing this one with you. Build your own blog and share it with the world. Tell all of your friends and your family about your new blog and encourage others to comment on your post (with good positive comments) and watch your following grow quickly.

High Quality Content…and lots of it

Especially in the beginning while your blog is new, I recommend creating as many “high quality” content blog post (with related pictures) so that your self hosted blog will get recognized quickly by Google and other search engines, therefore it will be ranked higher must faster.Blog about things that you are passionate about, and things that you may know a great deal about, or things that you’ve already tried and tested and know works. People like story’s, so anytime you can tell story’s, share other peoples story’s and ideas, your audience will love it and keep coming back to your blog for more.

You could even share your ideas on How To Build your own blog from things you’ve learned while getting your blog up and running. Have you ever lost weight, or used good vitamins and supplements that have done amazing things for you? If so, then blog about it! Maybe you have another business or opportunity that you are trying to make better, maybe it is a brick and mortar business (traditional business) like I do? If so, then blog about it! This is EXACTLY how I have EXPLODED my traditional businesses. I am sure you are probably starting to get the point of having your own self hosted blog by now…right?

Want More Ideas For Advertising and Getting High Quality Traffic?

  1. Re-targeting is one of the best forms of paid traffic there is today! Re-targeting is when you go visit a website (ie; like a pair of shoes) and then when you go somewhere else, like Facebook, or to another website those same shoes pop up again, and then the next page you visit, there they are again. This is re-targeting, and it is POWERFUL! Retargeting helps convert your social audience from readers to buyers!
  2. Check out Re-targeting here << and see for yourself how powerful this could be for your NEW blog.
  3. Re-targeting will allow you to get thousands and thousands of NEW leads/subscribers to your GVO Autoresponder and in time many of these subscribers will turn into sales which will pad your bank account and wallet.
  4. Would you like 15 Tested and Proven Ways to Build Your Subscriber List to over 10,000 subscribers in the next 90 days? While learning How To Build your own blog, you MUST be building your own Autoresponder list so you can make the REAL MONEY. This article/blog post here will give you everything you need to get up and running fast.
  5. Getting massive traffic to your website – blogging is the best way possible. Yes, blogging is your BEST way possible to get massive amounts of traffic to your website/blog which turns traffic into leads, and turns those leads into sales….all from blogging. The BEST part is: Most of this is FREE Traffic!

The ideas, strategies and traffic resources given here are proven to work and used by high income earning full time bloggers all over the world. If you are looking for even faster ways to get “HIGHLY Targeted Traffic” to your blog and landing pages, then check out and use the resources described below.

Targeted Traffic – Paid Traffic Resources:

  1. Direct CPV
  2. Powered Clicks – Done for you traffic
  3. Lead Impact
  4. Propel Media
  5. Media Traffic

These 5 “Private Broker” targeted traffic resources above are highly targeted and by far the BEST on the net today for getting highly targeted traffic to your websites, blogs, or landing pages. These prospects will be looking for what you have and will not just turn into leads, but also into sales. Traffic = Leads, = SALES! Of course, sales = MONEY in your bank account and pocket. You are learning exactly “How To Build your own blog” and earn SERIOUS money doing it. Be patient, it will take some time, but it will be rewarding!

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Mike Pilcher

P.S. Never give up on your dream! Never allow anyone else to ever tell you that you can’t do something! Learn how to Build your own blog and show the world that you are a person that believes in building your own business and sharing your passion.

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