What’s Your Weekly Exercise Program Look Like? (important Info inside)…

Can whey protein really help me lose weight

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Just like the question asked in the title…What’s your weekly exercise program look like?

  • Are you exercising on a weekly basis, or still talking about it?
  • What about running or walking at least 2-3 times weekly?
  • What about vitamins and supplements?

If you are still just thinking about getting in shape, then more than likely you will always be thinking about it. Maybe you had a New Years Resolution and still haven’t got around to making it part of your daily, or weekly routine?

Exercising on a daily/weekly basis is a way of life for those that want to be healthy and fit. Along with exercise must also be some type of diet, vitamins and supplements. A good daily multi vitamin is important, but so is the supplements. Fiber and Protein are so important in a good strong healthy body. The foods we eat just don’t give us enough fiber or protein to have a well balanced diet.

What's your weekly exercise program look like?

Most people don’t realize that by adding fiber and whey protein to their daily diets, it will help control and fight off that unwanted fat. That’s right, unwanted fat keeps building up and the scales continue to tip in the wrong direction. By adding fiber and whey protein on a daily basis we can fight off that unwanted fat/bulge.

The best way to monitor this is by installing an free app called MyFitnessPal, and then adding the second app called Garmin Connect. The MyFitnessPal App is where you will add ALL of your daily food, water, fibers, proteins and anything else you take in on a daily basis. Garmin Connect is an app you will sync each night and then you can view your daily activities, sleep patterns and much more. I also wear Garmin Vivofit 2 on my wrist and this tracks my daily steps and activities that I do. You can use it as a wrist watch, view your steps, view your sleep, view your calories used and left to use, and much more.

 Until I held myself accountable by using these things mentioned above, I NEVER had consistent results! The same thing goes with you and everyone else. We must hold ourselves accountable by taking action and using things like I’ve mentioned above and making it happen on a daily basis. Make sure and go back to previous post I have created. Post on simple, short and effective dieting, workouts, fibers and proteins I recommend. Post for those over the age of 50 for easy workouts that anyone can do in under 30 minutes. These workouts I recommend doing 3 times weekly and keep it short and simple…(30 minutes or less). I also include the resistance bands and equipment that I use right from home. And no, not a bunch of expensive, high tech, complicated home equipment. The best thing is no more need for expensive gym memberships either! 🙂

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Don’t forget to add fiber and protein to your daily intake, because they really do help burning off unwanted fat. By keeping your protein higher than your carbs on a daily basis will help control weight gain. Building lean muscle and maintaining the muscle you already have will burn off fat and also help you in the fat loss battle.

Would you like to see more mind blowing benefits of whey protein and why you should be using is daily?

Check out the following…

Quantity of the Protein – A Sufficient amount of amino acid Lucienne is needed as a signal to maximize lean muscle synthesis…which is: (2.5 g/meal).

The Quality of Protein – Not all of the proteins out there are equal nutritional and they do not have the same amino acid profile. High quality proteins are more effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis and can be used in lower amounts to achieve optimal health benefits with the least amount of calories.

Timing of Protein Consumption – It is important to consume high quality protein throughout the day. This is because muscle protein synthesis only lasts about 3 hours after time of consumption.

An even distribution of 30g protein/meal for three to five meals causes a significant increase in protein synthesis. However, most people tend to load too much of their protein in the evening meal, instead of spreading it out over the entire day.

Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet

Cancer prevention and many others benefits of a higher protein diet <<. Visit this link here for another blog post/article on the benefits of a higher protein diet – Whey Protein for cancer is all included in this blog post/article.

What’s your weekly exercise program look like?

Please leave me comments below on your workouts, and your vitamins, supplements and dieting. I would love to here from you! So which Whey Protein is the best one for you? Click here << to get more detailed information.

We all have something that we could give up, like TV, news, hanging out in the bar, or just sitting on the couch doing nothing, for 30 minutes 2-3 times per week for exercise that will not only help us loose that unwanted belly fat, but also make us feel way better, have more energy, improve sex life and live longer. If you are a smoker, then do yourself a favor and do your very best to cut back and eventually stop it. We only have one body, and we must take care of it. Life is short, so lets do our best to make the best of it and not just waste it away on worthless time consuming things that do nothing for us. The one thing we can’t get back is time!

Always do your best,

Mike Pilcher

What's your weekly exercise program look like?