Consistent Walking Programs…

will walking make you live longer

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Consistent walking programs are the best way to lose unwanted belly fat and tone your body, so you can reach your weight loss goals.

But if you’ve reached some type of a hurtle, or feel like you aren’t making any headway, don’t worry.

From simply strolling leisurely to omitting strength training, these common walking mistakes can easily be fixed to help you reach you desired weight loss.

Don’t Stick To The Same Route

If you stick to the same route, over time your body adapts and it won’t be as challenging. To boost weight-loss (and keep things exciting) change your scenery a couple days a week.

Good Form – 30 Minutes Per Day

It only takes 30 minutes of walking per day for incredible results…if done with good form. Using your arms in a swinging motion helps tremendously, just as keeping a straight back and upright position does. Long strides that are comfortable is also important for good form.

Consistent walking programs

Poor walking techniques can and will slow your pace, causing you to tire more quickly, and potentially results in injury. Since this can affect how far and long you are able to walk, improving your walking form is essential to your weight loss goals.

Tracking Your Food and Steps

By using the MyFitnessPal app is one of the best way possible for tracking your daily food intake and your daily steps. Guessing, or thinking you can remember what you eat and steps you take is never going to work. Get some type of wrist watch type tracker, then use the free MyFitnessPal all and be honest when you enter all foods and exercise you do each day.

Track your daily steps

At the end of each day you can also hit sync on your wrist devise (like Garmin Vivofit 2), then it automatically uploads all daily info the Garmin Connect (which is also a free app) that will drastically help you in your weight loss goals.

Building Muscle For Weight Loss

Using resistance banks and or weights, you can build and maintain muscle to drastically help you reach your weight loss goals. Fat hates heat which is created by exercise. Muscle burns more fat than anything else you can do. Build more muscle and burn more fat. Using these techniques along with walking can help you reach your goals much faster.

Setting Goals

Setting step goals can help you strive for more daily steps. Try setting step goals like (10,000 steps) per day, and then each month scale it up by raising your goals.

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-Mike Pilcher