Who Are You Hanging Out With?

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Who are you hanging out with?…is a question I had to ask myself many years ago. I started to learn that hanging out with negative people was only bringing me more negative into my life.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get sucked into the traps of other people we call our friends. Things like, being critical, being negative and always gossiping about others. Talking about how bad we have it, or how someone done us wrong. Maybe it’s continuing to dwell on the past and how bad things was, or how we was so unlucky?

Sound familiar?

Once I learned that the negative and poor association I had was turning me into the same kind of person, I finally broke free of those strong holds I called my friends. It doesn’t mean they was bad people, it just meant that because of the negativity they spoke of constantly, they continued to draw more negative into their lives. And, it was happening to me because I was hanging out with them.

The old saying is; you become who you hang out with! Well, it’s true!! If you hang out with drunks, you will more than likely become a drunk. If you hang out with drug dealers, you will more than likely become the same. Our association is huge for our failures, or success.

This is why that people who have been put away for drug deals, or alcoholism, have got out and started trying to make something of themselves, but got back around the old friends, the old crowd they was hanging out with before, and as a result they end up getting sucked right back into the same thing that got them put away to start with. It happens all the time!

For me, once I made that final decision to stop hanging out with people that was going nowhere, my life started improving quickly. Negative people don’t have dreams and goals that someone who wants to be successful can follow. Can you become wealthy by taking advise about wealth and money from broke people?

Your Words

Did you know that your words attract either positive or negative? It’s true! If you always speak negative, then that’s what you will have. If you start believing that things will improve and speak positive words over your life, then that is what you will attract. Some people refuse to believe this, but I’m telling you, this is what really changed my life for the better!!

I started reading self help books, following people like Joel Osteen, and reading his books, watching his church services on TV and on YouTube. Once I committed to this “new way of life”, things for me kept improving. These are not overnight fixes, but they are forever fixes if you continue them. Just remember to keep asking yourself, who are you hanging out with? Someone to help me get ahead in life, or hold me back?

Using your Faith can help you reach your dreams and goals. Faith is a powerful thing when you speak out loud what you want and believe it!! The word Fear is: “False Evidence Appearing Real”. The word Faith is: “Finding Answers In The Heart”

Iron Sharpens Iron

Want to change your life for the better? Want to make your dreams come true? Want to start checking off the list of goals you’ve had for so long? You may have to find new associations. Find people who have goals and make them come true. Find people who are dreamers and who are making their dreams come true. More importantly, find people who are in life where you want to be and follow what they’ve done to get there.

Who are you hanging out with?

This is the important question you have to keep asking yourself. Are the people your hanging out with dreamers and doers? Or are they just barely getting by in life? And this doesn’t mean you have to stop talking to an old friend occasionally. It just means that if that old friend isn’t in life where you want to be, they are negative and critical, or not a dreamer, then disengage your association with them. Stop hanging out with them all the time, and find like minded people to hang out with.

Negative attracts for negative and positive attracts more positive. Which do you want?

Dreams and Goals – We Become What We Think About. Check out this powerful video from my friend and mentor, Les. This video <<~~will change your life!!

Life is short, so make the best of it.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher