Airbrush Artist – Custom Painting…

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I’ve been an Airbrush Artist for over 25 years now and have done so many Custom Painting projects, I’ve actually lost count long ago of the projects I’ve done.

It all started from drawing all kinds of pictures throughout school and art classes. Then it went to oil paintings and then I started my own body shop in Chula MO years later.

From that little 2 car garage I moved my body shop to the old Chevrolet dealership body shop in Trenton MO, where I worked a full time job at Carnation Food Company.

After 13 years of the ups and downs of working for corporate America, I decided to take my part time gig (body shop) to a more serious level, and turn it into a full time business, collision center and custom paint shop.

I made the decision to pull the plug on my full time job and work for myself full time, where I controlled my future, my schedule and income, which no longer have a ceiling, or cap on.

The first many years was up and down learning to be a successful business owner and really make good money, and buying the equipment needed to run a full blown collision center and body shop.

Fast forward over 25 years later, I’ve been featured in many magazines and have done many World Of Wheels winners and other award winning Airbrush projects and custom painting projects. Being an Airbrush Artist has been so much fun and so rewarding, and still rewards me today as I still enjoy doing it.

I’ve sold my collision center years ago, but kept the airbrushing and custom painting side of the business, which I do from our shop at our farm in Trimble MO. Our farm is Pin Oaks Farm located just 3 miles north of Trimble MO, where we grow Mums, Pumpkins and sweet corn. We also host outdoor weddings and events, as well as have a cabin that we Airb&b.

Airbrush Artist – Custom Painting

Another pleasure I have is teaching others how to airbrush and custom paint. In my airbrush classes I teach every student how to airbrush, custom paint and also provide them with all the necessary tools needed to be successful in this arena. Airbrushing is not only used for painting Harley Davidson motorcycles, hood murals, cars, trucks, or signs, but also used for painting fishing lures, and taxidermy.

Below is some pictures of a 2018 Harley Davidson I just finished this last weekend. This was a red candy paint job that had Gold flakes added to the clear coat to give an extra sparkle pop. This exact paint job recipe can be found on my Airbrushing website on the blog page. Red Candy Paint Job – 2018 Harley Davidson

Airbrush ArtistAirbrush ArtistAirbrush ArtistAirbrush ArtistAirbrush Artist

Make sure you check out my Airbrushing In Kansas City website where there is lots of pictures of projects I’ve done over the years, Airbrush Artist awards I’ve received, the top 10 airbrush artist in the world that I’ve had the pleasure of working one on one with and so much more. Check out this website by clicking here <<.

God has truly blessed me with such a great wife, children, grandchildren and family, with so many talents that I continue to use today. For me, it took years for me to wake up and realize how blessed I was, and who to give the credit to. Once I did, knowing what to do and moving forward became easy.

We all have talents, and for me I’ve been blessed with many, but in this post I’m sharing my airbrush artist and custom painting talents.

Feel free to leave me comments below and share your God given talents and how you are using them. I’d love to hear about you and what you are doing!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher