uShip Scam – Hauling Services (low bidding)…

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Have you been search for hauling services and found the uShip scam? Many people truly think that uShip is a scam, while others use this hauling services platform everyday.

So is it true, that uShip is a scam? Or is it just here-say?

I’ve used uShip over and over with fairly good luck. I’ve bid on hauling jobs and won many bids, which I’ve hauled all over the country side, racking up lots of miles, but also profiting from this hauling services platform.

So what’s the uShip scam rumor?

This has become such a competitive market that everyone and their brother is now in the hauling business. The problem with this is high competition and low baller bids. Everyone wanting the work, they keep driving the bids down so low that no one is making money. On the flip side, the person getting their stuff hauled are getting really cheap services. But, are they getting their vehicles and other items delivered without damage?

The low baller bidders could very well be someone that has little to no hauling experience, or possibly not even a drivers license or green card. Not putting anyone down, but just stating the possible facts for many of these so called hauling services.

As I’ve mentioned in previous post, do your research before hiring someone to haul your valuables!! Search their names, their business and see if they even have profiles set up anywhere, or a legitimate Facebook account and or website.

The bottom line, the serious and legit hauling services WILL HAVE a legitimate Facebook account and a website showing who they are and how long they’ve been around. Their website should have a contact page showing how to get ahold of them, and hopefully a fairly recent photo of themselves, which helps develop trust.

uShip Scam – Hauling Services

I spent hours and hours researching uShip before I ever bid on one single thing. The next thing I did was call their company to see if I could talk to a real person, then I asked many questions about their hauling services and how secure their website was before I entered my personal information and bank information into it.

uShip is a real service that works, but as mentioned earlier, with all the competition, you don’t know who you will end up with hauling your stuff. You will also not know if they are dependable or not because over 90% of these people have a profile, a picture of themselves, or anyway to find them. They will NOT show up in any Google searches that you will do.

So what now? What will you do if this happens to you?

How about doing some research on the ones you are about to entrust with your valuables? If you cannot find them in your searches, then do yourself a favor and find someone who does show up in Google, or Facebook, or someone that has a real website with their pictures, contact page and content in the website.

Don’t just set your sights on the cheapest bid. Trust me, these low baller bidders may not be the ones you want to trust your valuables with! Think about it; if they bid your load at say, .30 cents, then it’s fair to say they aren’t making any money off of the load, so how careful will they be with your stuff, and how much will they care if it arrives to you in the same condition as it was when they picked it up?

I not only run our farm and run a successful business of over 25 years, but I am also offer quality hauling services. Notice I say quality? Not the cheapest, but quality!! I always do what I say, and my hauling services are more than fair on pricing.

uShip Scam

Just remember, to have quality hauling services, you have to have quality equipment, quality attitude, quality profiles, quality Facebook accounts and quality websites. Your pricing has to be fair, you have to have a real drivers license and insurance on your equipment and loads.

As you can see from this website you are in right now, it’s not just some one page, or one post website. It has lots of content, many pages, including my contact page with ways to contact me. This post you’re reading right now is simply and awareness post. This website is geared around fitness, but in wanted to share information about the uShip scam to let people know what’s really going on with uShip. They are a legit business with overloaded amounts of people trying to get some work. Touch times have brought on so many more people doing anything they can to earn income, so it’s not uShips fault, it’s our economy’s fault.

Be careful before hiring people and do some research so that you can make certain they are real.

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Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher


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