Farm Machinery Hauling Service

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Have you been search for a farm machinery hauling service? Maybe it’s tractors, brush cutters, planters, drills, or pallets of farm machinery parts?

Either way, MPE LLC – Pin Oaks Farm hauling service has you covered. With over 30 years experience of farming and hauling large equipment, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us. Let us know what it is you want to haul and we will let you know if we have the availability to help you with your hauling needs.

We are using large gooseneck trailers and 1 ton trucks to haul all loads. So if you needing things hauled with semis, then we will not be able to assist you at this time.

Farm Machinery Hauling Service

As you can see in the pictures below, we haul John Deere planters, JD drills, tractors, excavators, Kubota UTV’s, pallets of parts and even pallets of food products. We also haul cars, SUV’s, pickups, large trucks, boats and much more.

farm machinery hauling servicefarm machinery hauling servicefarm machinery hauling service

We’ve enjoyed having the options to offer a farm machinery hauling service, and still be able to do everything else at our farm that we normally do. Building our cabin and finishing it up, now building our home, getting everything ready to start hosting outdoor weddings and other events, picture shoots, and growing mums, sweet corn and pumpkins sure keeps us busy. Not to mention growing large garden foods for our own personal use.

Make sure you check us out on Facebook and also our farm website >> to see pictures of our projects and schedules.

Of course you can go to uShip and post your hauling ad, but I’m telling you even through I have many years of uShip hauling experience, and perfect reviews, those type of hauling services are kind of a joke. It’s so cut throat, dog eat dog bidding and honestly, it reminds me of a pack of hungry wolves after the same piece of small meat. People bid and bid and bid until finally the lowest bidder usually wins. The problem with this low balling is, no one is making any kind of money (which is what it takes to make a living), and to pay the insurance and license fees for these rigs, the toll road fees, fuel for the truck, tires for truck and trailer, food and staying overnight expenses. So if you win a bid for say .50 cents per mile and your about to take someone’s large fifth wheel 1200 miles through mountainous areas, then how are you planning to make money? Are these types of people really going to take good care of your load, or are they going or hurry and not be careful because they are more worried about bidding on more stuff to try and make some money?

Make sense? Just be careful when choosing someone to haul your valuables. If your looking for cheap, then go to uShip and that’s what you will get. Not just a cheap bid either, you will more than likely get some cheap service that has no hauling experience, and or doesn’t give a rip about your stuff, but more worried about the next load to make a buck.

Here is what you will get with our farm machinery hauling service and vehicle hauling service. You will get 100% of our time, invested into you and your load. We aren’t looking ahead and the next load and making a buck. We care about who we are working with at the time. As you can see, we have real photos of ourselves and our equipment, and aren’t trying to hide behind some blank slate with no photo, or no profile, or contact page.

WARNING ??: When you call us, you will more than likely be taken straight to my voice mail. This is because of all the dead beat spammers and spammy marketers who have nothing better to do than try and rip people off and blast our phones with unwanted bs. Because if this, our phones are set to go straight to voice mail if the phone number isn’t in our contact list, or not recognized.

No worry though, leave me a message and I will call you back. Most people won’t, but I promise, I will…unless you are a marketer. Lol.

We won’t be the cheapest one out there, but we will take care of your load as it was our own, and we will deliver as promised. You WILL have full contact with me and I will keep you posted often on progress along the way from pickup to delivery.

Below you will see my contact information, so make sure you give me a call right away for a free load estimate and time frame in your load needs. Time is wasting my friend, so call Mike ASAP!!

Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike and Rhonda Pilcher

MPE LLC – Pin Oaks Farm

farm machinery hauling service