Can You Make Money With uShip?

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Many people are asking, can you make money with uShip?

The answer was yes. Why was?

Before the corona virus pandemic, you could actually make money with uShip. But now, there are so many people trying to make a buck, that uShip is flooded with inexperienced haulers driving the bids so low there is no money to be made.

These inexperienced haulers have no clue about bidding, they are just out to try and make a dollar or two, not realizing that the low baller bids will soon drive them to the poor house, but it’s also hurting the serious and experienced haulers that earned the right to be on uShip.

Most of the inexperienced haulers that are so desperate to make money don’t realize that uShip will get 20% of the bid price and that leaves these low bidding haulers with very little meat on the bone. The next thing they haven’t figured in is how much fuel it takes to tow heavy loads, the unexpected blow out tires on trailers, food, toll road fees and possible overnight stays, unless you sleep in your truck.

Can You Make Money With uShip?

So before you are so excited about accepting some really low bid that you just got on the load you are advertising, make sure the person behind the low bid has a picture, a completed profile, and great reviews. And if they don’t have, then forget about the low bid and find someone that is legit. Find someone that has great reviews, a real picture, a completed profile, and they show up in a google search. This means they are real and legit!!

Don’t fall for the low ball bids by inexperienced haulers, these are the ones that probably don’t have any real road experience hauling vehicles, towing trailers or campers, and the ones that will ruin your prized possessions and then just disappear.

So can you make money with uShip? Not right now!! As mentioned above, before the corona virus pandemic, you could make money with uShip, and I have over and over and over. But right now, it’s dog eat dog, and the no picture, no profile and no reviews people are wining the bids because they are practically hauling for free. For the ones that out there ads up needing their stuff hauled/shipped, well, they are just out to find the cheapest bid possible and not taking the time to do some simple research first.

Protect your valuables, by doing some simple and quick research on the ones doing the bidding before you accept those bids. Be smart, be responsible and do your part to protect the honest and legit uShip haulers that have earned the right to be there, and that actually have real businesses, and the experience. uShip is suppose to be where the shippers meet the carriers and the carriers meet the shippers. It’s suppose to be where you can find real honest carriers/haulers that you can put your trust into, by seeing who they are and finding them on a Google search. If they are real and legit, they will also have a real Facebook page, or pages, a real website and will have a uShip profile completely filled out, with a picture of themselves, so that you can see who they are and feel more at ease with them.

How do you figure the bid and price per mile? Normally you take the miles into the bid price and it leaves you with the price per mile. In uShip bidding they give you the price per mile just as soon as you put in a bid. However, this is figured on before they take out their hefty 20% fees, leaving you with much less than the bid price, and much less per mile than they have posted under your bid…

Let’s say you have a 600 mile trip/haul, and you have $600 left AFTER uShip has taken their 20% fees from your bid, then it’s fair to say you are getting $1 per mile. Pretty simple math.

Listen, if you aren’t earning at least $1 per mile while hauling heavy trailers or camper, then you really aren’t making money, or not much anyway. You cannot stay in business if you aren’t turning profits. Come on, your time is worth something…right? And not to mention the wear and tear on your tow vehicle and yourself.

Do your research before choosing your hauler/carrier!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher



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