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I’ve owned MPE LLC for over 25 years and have many different services, including uShip hauling services under this entity.

What is MPE LLC?

It stands for Mike Pilcher Enterprises. Have multiple businesses, this was the best way to register everything. MPE LLC Hauling Services is using the uShip platform and a few other load biddings sites to get hauling jobs.

When using uShip, you place a bid on something you would like to haul, then continue to watch and bid until you either win the bid, or you lose it. It’s a very competitive market, so be patient, persistent, and don’t give up.

MPE LLC offers reliable, safe and honest hauling services, along with many other services offered by MPE.

If you are looking for an honest and reputable hauling services for your car, truck, utv, atv, farm machinery, or pallet loads, then contact Mike Pilcher at MPE right away.

Bidding sites like uShip are so congested right now that it is really hard to find someone trustworthy and with experience in hauling. The new comers have came in with such desperation to find loads to haul to make some money they drive the bids to rock bottom to where there is nothing left for profit.

Don’t go for the cheapest person you can find until you’ve done some in depth research on these so called uShip carriers. The first clue to them not being experienced is they won’t have a filled out profile, or profile picture. The next thing is they won’t have any reviews, and one of the most important, they will not show up anywhere in your google searches.

The real business owners have profiles, pictures of themselves, at least one website, and one or more social media accounts…like Facebook. If not, then say next and keep looking for someone else, like MPE LLC, who actual does exist in google searches, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Alignable, YouTube and more.

Below here is a screen shot of a google search on MPE Hauling Services…

Another screen shot right below here when searching Mike Pilcher MPE LLC…

Nowadays, most everyone has at least a Facebook account, and especially business owners. I mean, this is one of the very best ways to get your business out there to large crowds. The next most important is having your own website…like this one you’ve landed on right here.

Check out my Facebook pages here <<…then do a google search on my name, and even uShip. I have great reviews on uShip << and use it often. My hauling service (MPE LLC) is legit and as mentioned above, has been around for a long time.

Call Mike Now!!

Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher


MPE LLC Hauling Service