Staying Healthy and Fit While Hauling Loads Across the Country – Time for Change…

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Staying healthy and fit is one thing, but staying healthy and fit while hauling loads across the country is another. Is it time for change?

Some of the ways I’ve found to work for at least, are watching what I take to snack on while driving for long hours. We all like to eat junk food, but I really work hard to cut back on the junk food and snacks as much as possible…especially while driving for hours and hours. Many of my hauling trips are sitting behind the wheel for 400 to 600 miles at a time. When I do stop, it is for a quick bathroom break and to fuel up my truck and do a quick check of my load.

Needless to say, with the lack of exercise, the pounds can really start to pile on if one isn’t mindful of what they are eating. Snacks are the worst!! Here are some of my snack choices while hauling loads across the country…

  • Almonds
  • Fruit snacks that are low in carbs
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Body Armor Super Drinks (full of B and C vitamins)
  • Water and also water with B vitamins for energy
  • I make my own sandwiches to take (to cut back on carbs)
  • Potato chips that are low in carbs
  • Protein bars
  • Granola bars

It is extremely hard to really eat super healthy when you are driving so many miles and not getting the needed exercise, but I have found that if you at least try and watch what you eat, and how much you continue to eat while driving so much, it will definitely help. Next is when I do get home, I make sure I get right back in the grove of getting exercise to help get rid of the extra pounds that may have creep-ed in during the long trips.

No one is perfect, but just a little extra planning in meals and snacks will help considerably. Don’t forget adding exercise while at home! Walking a great deal while not driving helps a bunch, but sometimes you have to really push yourself to do it. Don’t forget to do some 10-15 minute workouts a few times weekly. Resistance Bands work great for quick and effective home workouts. We can all make time for something…if we want to. And especially if we are tired of the waistline/spare tire we are packing around. Use the bathroom scales, they won’t lie to you. However, you may not like what you see while on the scales, but that weight is a direct result of the choices you make. You can do something about it…if you choose to.

staying healthy and fit while hauling loads across the countryStaying healthy and fit while hauling loads across the country

Below is something that helps me to shed pounds…and FAST!! I do this while I am home and not out on the road hauling loads. Staying healthy and fit while hauling loads across the country is a hard gig, but very possible if one is determined to do so. Losing weight is easy…once you have the secret combination that unlocks the secrets behind it. Yes, secrets that I didn’t know, and you probably don’t either. Come on, it’s time for change! Get the results you’ve wanted for years…

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Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

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staying healthy and fit while hauling loads across the country