RV Hauling – Wearing Mask ?…

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The whole COVID-19 deal has definitely changed many things, including RV Hauling and RV sales.

It seems as though every person with a pulse is buying a camper for some reason or another. So the RV hauling for me anyway, has grown by leaps and bounds…or in other words, it’s EXPLODED!!

RV Hauling - Boat Hauling

Make sure and check out MPE LLC Hauling Service first, before checking out the others, like uShip. Don’t get me wrong, uShip has many great haulers, but most cannot put together a sentence that can make sense, and they won’t have a profile that is completed, or a photo of them or their business.

For myself, I occasionally get loads from uShip to haul somewhere, but many times it’s someone that finds my blog post, or my websites about my hauling service, and they call me to haul for them.

Wearing Mask ?

So many opinions on the wearing of mask. Myself, most of the RV hauling I do, or boat hauling, or even flatbed loads, I never wear a mask due to I’m not around anyone except myself. Most of my loads are done by no contact with anyone, which is perfect for these times right now.

I’m not one of the weirdos that wear mask in the vehicle by themselves either. Totally weird…right? Kinda like being outdoors and not a sole in sight, but yet people are wearing mask. Hummmm ?

Everyone is different in their own ways, and everyone has a right to their own opinions and their own way of doing things.

RV Hauling

Who knows when this will slow down, but for myself and all that have a hauling service, we hope it will stay around for a long time.

Make sure you do some research before choosing a hauling service, whether it be for RV hauling, boat hauling, flatbed loads, or whatever. Check out the person you are thinking about hiring, before you commit to hiring them. If you cannot find them online by doing a name search, and or their business search, then I would advise, keep on looking.

The serious and legit haulers will have a online presence of some type. Maybe it is Facebook, their own website, or some type of social networking site. Most serious and legit company’s will ALWAYS have a website that has an about them and a contact page. Most all website owners will also have a somewhat recent photo of themselves and proof photos of the services they promote. It always pays off to do your research!!

RV Hauling

What about proper rated hitches for tow vehicle?

Having the proper rated and certified hitches are important for towing down these rough roads we have nowadays. There is more bounce than ever before, and if the right hitches are in place, not only is your tow vehicle better protected, but so is the units being towed.

I prefer hitches with some cushion, like air hitches, or some type of cushioning built in. But also, these hitches having a heavy load rating. Our bumper hitches are rated to over 16,000#, and our gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches are rated over 20,000#.

Pictured below are what we use for bumper hitch towing and for fifth wheel and gooseneck towing…

RV Hauling

Having the right equipment is a must. And not just the hitches being used, but the tow vehicles should also be at least 1 ton rated, with 10 ply tires. With 10 ply tires it is recommended that you run 80# of air pressure. This kind of air pressure really supports all loads well. Of course, you can let the truck tires down some when not hauling loads to make for a better ride, but following the recommended air pressures on tires is always a good thing to follow.

Safety is huge with us, just as it should be with anyone towing campers, any type RV’s, boats, or flatbed loads.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher


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