Camper Hauling At It’s Finest…

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2020 has been camper hauling at it’s finest. This has been a year to remember, for years to come.

You will see several pictures below of just a few campers I’ve hauled in the last few weeks. From Texas, to Indiana, throughout Missouri and into Kansas.

2020 has for sure been a year of many unseen surprises. With all the pandemic and corona virus, which has led to job losses, businesses of many years being forced to close, and unemployment growing.

The one thing that really hasn’t made much sense is; why has the campers and boat sales grown so high? Why are so many people camping, and not just in camp grounds, but pastures and places where there isn’t even water or electric hookups?

No one really has the correct answers for these questions, but one things for sure; my hauling business has grown so much as a result of these camper and boat sales.

Camper Hauling At It’s Finest

camper hauling at it's finestcamper hauling at it's finest

I’ve put on so many miles this year and I’ve seen so much of the countryside. Colorado which is always beautiful, Texas, Wyoming, Kansas (the boring state), Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Idaho, and many more states I’ve been in this year.

Then there is the idiots (the crazy drivers. The lane jumpers, the ones that never use signals, the ones that refuse to follow the speed limits…especially in construction zones, and the ones that have zero respect for any others in the road, and no respect for the construction workers who risk their lives to make our high traveled roads better for us.

Here’s a serious message list below for ALL drivers…

  1. Respect the construction workers, and slow the freak down in construction zones.
  2. Obey the speed limits!
  3. Use your turn signals! It’s not only the law, but also respectful.
  4. Get over for ALL people along the side of the road. (That could be you over there someday).
  5. Slow down and be more patient.
  6. Use some common sense when you are out in the roads.
  7. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and think about what you are about to do before doing it.
  8. Leave earlier so you don’t have to be in such a hurry.
  9. If you want to road race, then go to a race track to do it, and do NOT do it on the highways!
  10. Always check your vehicle lights, signals, brake lights and tire pressures in a regular basis.

Don’t be one of the stupid drivers out there. Idiots are everywhere, refuse to be one of them. Be amongst the smart, respectful and courteous drivers!!

Need something hauled? Give me a call!!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

MPE LLC Hauling Service