Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank – 69 Gallon Transfer Tank…

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Recently I added an aluminum auxiliary fuel tank to my 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Duramax. The problem I was having was such long trips and having to fill up with diesel at much higher prices in other states.

Now that I’ve added this 69 gallon auxiliary fuel tank I can now hold a total of 106 gallons of diesel fuel which will get me more than 1200 loaded miles, or 2400 empty miles.

The biggest advantage having a transfer tank is, using the transfer kit, fuel will automatically gravity feed right into my main fuel tank and never have to stop in the other states where fuel is so high priced. It also allows for much more time driving instead of stopping for fuel as often.

The aluminum auxiliary fuel tank I chose was the RDS 69 gallon transfer tank. It also came with the transfer kit to fit my truck, which transfers fuel from the transfer tank to my main tank. I could have went much larger for cheap price, but there was no room for the larger tank and still have clearance for my fifth wheel plate. The other thing was, I didn’t want to tank up so much of my pickup bed space.

aluminum auxiliary fuel tankaluminum auxiliary fuel tank

See pictures below of this RDS aluminum 69 gallon auxiliary fuel tank with pump assembly and fuel gauge installed.

If you are looking for an auxiliary fuel tank (transfer tank), then I recommend looking into RDS. Good quality and a great price.

Check out or for RDS products.

Next, I’ve added an external pump and filter set up for pumping fuel from the auxiliary/transfer tank into my farm machinery, or even into my main tank if needed.

I ordered a kit that came with the pump, filter kit, hose and automatic pump handle. This pump is a 15gpm pump, which means, it pumps very quickly. This kit came from and was considerably less than anywhere else I found, plus free shipping.

With this tank being below my bed rails, it allows the pump and filter to also be lower than normal, which allows extra clearance for fifth wheel campers and gooseneck trailers.

I am still looking for the right pickup tube assembly so that I can mount this pump and filter assembly in between the tank and inner bedside. The will keep the pump out of sight, more protected, and allow me way more clearance for fifth wheel campers that I tow frequently.

I highly recommend this aluminum auxiliary fuel tank, as well as the pump and filter assembly. Check out and for good deals with free shipping.

Huge tip: Do not get the 14″ gauge assembly for this 69 gallon tank. This tank needs the 16″ gauge assembly for it to ready empty. RDS recommends that the bottom of the gauge assembly be 1″ off the bottom of the tank. The 14″ is 2″ from the bottom and it reads empty when there is still several inches of fuel left in the tank.

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