Action Required – America is at Stake – Includes (NOT FAKE) News Resources

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Hey, it’s Mike with some very important news. This email I received below, from a friend at Guns of America is long, but well worth your time to read and take seriously…

See this email below…(this is a very serious matter for our nation)!!

Hello everyone,

I am extremely concerned that we are headed down a path toward armed conflict within our nation, and COURAGE, on an individual level, is the only thing that will save us from such a disgusting fate.

The United States of America can endure as the greatest country that ever was, but it is going to take the courage of patriotic Americans RIGHT NOW. to save it from a leftist insurrection coming from within. Resources from global and tech oligarchs have been stacked against the future of our nation, and against the world, and American Patriots are the last line of defense.

This is not a short message, and it has valuable resources to figure out what is going on, and join the fight. The next 100 years of world history depend on what is happening RIGHT NOW.

What prompted me to write you was a story on our local news last night, on WSVN, which is a Fox affiliate. They covered the Trump rally in Georgia, but lied that President Trump’s claims about election fraud are lies, and that he had legitimately lost. Both incorrect.

The livestream for the rally had 250k people watching, and currently has over 2 million views.

In comparison, Joe Biden, the man who we are to believe had more votes among minorities than Barak Obama, had 1,000 on his Thanksgiving address. Donald J. Trump won every bellweather county, nationwide, and gained impressive percentages in every class of minority that traditionally vote democrat. It is a statistical impossibility that Biden’s win was not aided by election fraud.

The WSVN story shocked me, because it came one day after Rudy Guiliani presented a video to state legislators in Georgia, in a public, televised hearing, that featured security camera video of the counting room at State Farm Arena. The Replublican challengers and media were asked to leave, due to a reported to be fake water main break, then the workers started pulling suitcases of ballots from under a table, and then proceeded to scan them several times. This coincided in a turn in votes for the state, in the middle of the night, from Trump win to a Biden win.

There have also been public hearings, televised to millions, in Pennsylvania and Michigan, where dozens of witnesses have come forward, at a genuine risk to their careers, the friends, their families, and in some cases their lives, to expose what they saw.

These witnesses have detailed in depth egregious and flagrant election law violations, that more than account for the margin of victory of Joe Biden. When everyone went to be on November 3rd, Donald Trump had won in a landslide. Counting was stopped in nearly every swing state in the middle of the night. The watchers were sent home. Then the shenanigans began.

If you live in one of the contested states, you most likely already know what is going on. In Georgia, for instance, over 58% percent of the people want a special session of their state legislature to pick the electors for Donald Trump. Wisconsin is conducting a public hearing next week. And Nevada just had a primary evidentiary hearing, where the judge kicked the case quickly out to the appeals court.

My concern is for those of us living in red states, or swing states like Florida where the shenanigans were prevented to a large extent. It isn’t that they didn’t happen. The “early vote” in Florida was for Biden, but they didn’t expect all of us to show up who did, to vote on election day, and their fraud was not enough. Our efficient election reporting prevented the steal.

But in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, Virginia, and of course Georgia, counting went on for days or even weeks, and more and more ballots were brought in from out of state and dumped into the legitimate ballots, spoiling the entire count. All of the details of these fraudulent ballots are coming out, including software manipulations in the machines themselves. But this is not being reported upon by the mainstream media.

This week a courageous truck driver for the USPS came forward and exposed his inadvertent involvement in a ballot stuffing scam in Pennsylvania. He brought a load of what appeared to be completed ballots, totallying in the hundreds of thousands, from Long Island New York, to Pennsylvania. He was told to hold onto his cargo overnight, then it disappeared. And of course, in the middle of the night in those same PA counties, Republican challengers were thrown out, while huge ballot totals were entered for Joe Biden.

On Friday a high ranking Chinese man came forwardwith pictures of ballots printed in China, destined for Florida and many other states. There is also a video translation of the recording of a conversation with the factory where the ballots were spec’d out.

My concern is NOT that Joe Biden will be inaugurated as President of the United States on January 20th. I can all but assure you that it will be Donald J. Trump putting his hand on the family Bible.

My concern is that the mainstream media campaign, including to a large extent Fox News, is meant to be a Plan B when they lose. The disinformation is meant to make us all believe that Joe won it, so that we do not support our House of Representative legislators who most likely are going to have to appoint electors to the Electoral College.

If we don’t provide cover for our legislators now, they will not have the courage to stand up and be willing to act. They are lilly livered politicians, who universally wet their finger and hold it to the wind to decide their own convictions.

Please contact your representatives now. A quick phonecall. Tell them that you are following the fraud hearings, and that when the time comes, you expect them to step up and elect the President, who won this election in a landslide.

US House – Find your reps.

US Senate – Find your senators.

If you live in a contested state, you should be calling your state representatives also, and share your concerns with them.

Please don’t take my word for any of this. A bunch of resources will be at the bottom.

The Founding Fathers of this great nation foresaw problems like this arising, and they have in the past. In cases where an election cannot be certified by the states, the choice for President rests in the US House of Representatives. If this comes to pass, and the legislators feel that we have their backs, the American People win, and we will have defeated a criminal coup to try to take over our nation.

But it will only happen if the Republican legislators know that you have their backs. The mainstream media, including Fox, (except for Lou Dobbs) has been running cover for this attempted coup, and most Americans have been lulled into complete inaction.


If you were among the masses who had been tricked into thinking this is over, sit down on a lazy Sunday and do some homework. Please do not think anyone is trying to fake news you into believing something isn’t true. This fact alone is so important right now. You have to first figure out what is true, ON YOUR OWN.

Here are some resources:

Gateway Pundit – Great for new stories as they come up exposing the fraud.

Revolver News- Lots of analysis that shows the statistical impossibility of a Biden win.

One America News – The poor man’s Newsmax (not an NM fan myself)

Citizen Free Press – Pot shots at discovering what the hell is really going on.

America’s Voice – Constant stream of engaged people, and tons of MyPillow ads lol.

Populist Press – Also good for breaking stories. Some very in depth.

The National Pulse – Raheem Kassam’s site. In depth side points of what is going on.

Crossroads with Joshua Phillips – Comments from the Anti-CCP Epoch Times.

Right Side Broadcasting Network – All the live streams, plus more MyPillow plugs.

Rudy Guliani’s Common Sense – I have followed him since he started covering HCQ. The cigar commercials are a riot, but he is smart and savvy, and he doesn’t seem to lie.

Stave Bannon’s Warroom Pandemic – 15th most popular podcast in the world. Subscribe to their Youtube for live shows at 10am and 5pmmost days.

I put Steve Bannon last because he is the ultimate partisan, and from watching the show regularly, since January, I have found that he does paint things in particularly positive fashion. If you just listen to Steve, we already won.

And frankly, that is what bothers me the most. When I sit back and look at this, we did already win, just from the constitutional challenges alone. Rudy has repeatedly said, “We don’t want to win this thing on a technicality,” and at over 70 years old, he has been taking his evidence road show to all of the contested state legislatures who will have him.

Every state is a new set of facts, a new set of names, and a new set of legal problems. I’ve never been a particularly big fan of Rudy, but if ever lived a list of patriots, the Trump legal team is that list today.

Please don’t let them fight alone.

I will steal the call to action that is used by Project Veritas, who is currently airing audio from the secretive presidents of CNN’s conference calls.

Be Brave. Do Something.

Thanks for being part of GunsAmerica.

Paul Helinski