Stimulus Money for Americans – Sending Money Overseas…?

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As Americans, we’ve all been promised ever since the first round of stimulus money to get more. It hasn’t happened!

Now the senate has came up with the most ridiculous and what President Trump called a disgrace. The senate wants to send millions of dollars to other countries, help businesses that are closed…overseas and give the Americans a measly $600.

I just don’t understand what the thought process is behind this kind of stimulus package. It just goes to show you what a bunch of idiots we have in the senate. I’m sure they are all earning 6 figures per year and more, so for us hard working tax payers that actually pay these idiots wages, to only be given $600, it is really a huge slap in the face. But yet they want to give illegal aliens over $10,000 per person.

So the so called stimulus money for Americans is a joke for sure, and President Trump has asked them to present him with something more responsible. But will they actually do it?

As true Americans, we pay our taxes to pay these fools wages, and we are suppose to be supported by our government. Obviously that’s not the case anymore. I mean, there are people (Americans) who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, lost their homes, their vehicles and cannot even put food on their tables, but yet our government still wants to support other countries and illegal aliens that we owe nothing to. Businesses have been forced to shut down and have been drove out of business, so where is the support for these true Americans? Where is the support as promised months and months and months ago?

What a disgrace for sure!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not in the habit of paying everyone else’s bills, but rather I pay my own. Just the same should go for our government. Pay out and help our American people as promised, not all these other countries and people we owe nothing to.

Leave your thoughts and comments below on what you think of this nonsense stimulus package just recently presented.

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