Last Load for 2020

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I just finished up with my last load for 2020. This has been a great year for hauling campers and boats, that’s for sure.

As far as 2020 in general, it has been a year that most will never forget…literally!!

Most everyone you will talk to can’t wait for 2020 to get out of here and put it behind us, once and for all. There is no doubt 2020 has challenged many, and totally destroyed 1000’s. Businesses have went under because of the challenges 2020 brought us, unemployment lines have grown longer than ever, and the death tolls have been mind blowing.

So what will 2021 bring us? Let’s all pray right now that 2021 will be our best year ever recorded in America history, and let’s all pray that President Trump can regain his presidential position for another 4 years. He is the only one that can possibly get our country back in shape…where we need to be.

Keep in mind, that if you listen to all the “no it all’s” on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Maybe you choose to listen to all the negative and worthless news reporters, or better yet, watch negative late shows, like Stephen Colbert and all his negative bs, then you will be brought down to their level of total negativity and lies. This negative news, tv late shows and social media is not worth wasting time and energy on.

I prefer to watch something positive on the tv and listen to something positive and uplifting on the radio. I refuse to watch the negative news and especially listen to all the negativity on radio talk shows and social media. So many people nowadays are so focused on Facebook, other social media and the news channels. It takes away your joy, it takes away your positive attitude, and will eventually turn you into those same negative people. It will completely drain you!!

Keep believing and trusting in the Lord and live a positive life of hope and happiness, instead of the worthless negative life all these other fools are living.

Check out the pictures below of my last load for 2020. This load was a 2021 Puma 29′ toy hauler camper…

last load for 2020

I pray that 2021 will bring you and your family great rewards and much prosperity.

God Bless,


Mike Pilcher