Biden the Puppet – Fake President!!!

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What a fake President we now have. Biden the puppet for someone, who knows what’s next.

Those who voted for this idiot, how are you liking him now? Most all of us know this election was rigged, but yet, it was swept under the carpets. Why?

Biden the puppet

Not sure what anyone has seen in this idiot, but one things for sure, he will need all the luck he can buy in.

Leave Trump alone and impeach Biden instead. This would be the best way to use everyone’s tax dollars. The continued attacks on Trump is a waste of time and tax payers dollars!!

Donald Trump was a real President, and got more accomplished than anyone else in that position has ever accomplished…by far.

Nothing good is to come from this Biden joke and his circus act. These democrats are desperate, that’s one thing for sure.

Do you know that the Biden’s have huge ties with the Chinese? Lots of proof of this!!

Biden the puppet

The one thing we must all do, and that is pray daily for our country and our messed up government. I would love to pray for our President, but we don’t have a real one now the President Trump is gone. Biden is a fake President, and nothing more!!!

Biden the puppet for someone, but who?

So why Biden was supposed to get COVID-19 under control quickly, which we all know was lip service, he is more worried about undoing everything the real President Trump had done. Biden raises the prices on insulin’s, and as fuel prices continue to rise, and businesses are failing, people still without work, where is the help? The truckers that pound the roads daily to haul and deliver food and other goods to businesses and people, but yet fuel prices are allowed to keep raising. How does this help anyone, except the already rich oil companies?

Instead of sending millions and millions of dollars to other countries, why not support and help the American tax payers first? Instead of funding other countries abortions, why not help your own country Biden. What a joke you are!!! Not sure why anyone except fools would support you and your foolish ideas.