Extreme Cold Weather Hauling…Ice and Snow…

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When it comes to the extreme cold weather hauling conditions we are experiencing right now, we’ve been blessed with snow and ice. With the extreme cold temperatures, then it starts sleeting and snowing, the roads become incredibly dangerous. Don’t believe me? Search for the videos of the most recent pile up in Texas that involved soooo many people, including semis.

If you have a heart, then these videos will definitely bother you. The bottom line is, when it’s this cold (-10 below zero) then you add wind to that, it’s not smart to be out traveling. If it ice, and you are still out driving, and hauling loads, then you definitely don’t have a clue on what can happen in a split second. Still don’t believe me? Go and check out those Texas videos of the huge pile up in Texas. It’s bone chilling, especially when you hear the semis hitting other cars and trucks.

Extreme Cold Weather Hauling

As for me, when it’s this cold I don’t don’t haul long hauls. When there is ice and it’s cold like it is everywhere, then my truck is parked. You’ve heard the old saying…”better safe than sorry”, trust me, it’s the truth.

extreme cold weather hauling

No money is worth risking you life, or others.

When you have moisture in the air, like snow, rain mist, or sleet, and it’s below freezing, then it will become almost impossible to keep your windows clear of ice, and almost impossible to have the view you need to have.

extreme cold weather hauling

Extreme cold weather hauling is not only dangerous, but it is also considered stupid by most people.

Go over to YouTube or do a Google search for the recent Texas ice storm and pile up, so you can see what can happen in the snap of a finger. So many people refuse to slow down, regardless the weather. Whether it be a lack of common sense, or just plain stupidity, I don’t want to be in the roads with these types of idiots. Check the weather for your trips, always keep an eye on your vehicle outdoor temperature, and slow the f-down.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher