Biden is an Idiot…NOT a President!!!

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It’s clear by now that Biden is an idiot!!! Or at least to the ones that has their eyes open and can see what he is up to.

So why is it that we should just stand by and allow him to destroy our country? I mean, every time President Trump did something that the dems didn’t like they started attacking our great President Trump. But it’s ok to just allow Biden to continue to allow illegals in by the thousands and attack our economy and get rid of Americans jobs? Come on people, it’s time to attack Biden and Harris just like they all did President Trump.

President Trump is still the best President we’ve ever had…and Biden is for sure on a path to prove that to all Americans…or the ones that have their eyes open anyway. As Americans, we must take action against these freakin clowns that think they are in charge. What a joke Biden, Harris and Peloski are!!!

Do they really think we can take them serious? Do they really think they can make us do what they want? Answer is; no f…ing way!!!

America is at risk right now and the true Americans must take a strong stand while we still can, or they will destroy everything!!!

I’m sure by now that those that voted for this Biden and Harris joke are starting to think they’ve made a huge mistake by supporting these liers and cheats.

Biden is an idiot, and I think by now we can all see the writing in the wall. Let’s team up and stop this fool and his entire lying, cheating party of clowns.

Talk soon,