Rising Fuel Prices – Biden Is To Blame…)

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We’ve all been affected by the rising fuel prices, and I’m afraid it is far from over. Biden is to blame for this and all the other messes he is getting us in.

As truckers and haulers, we are seriously affected by the rising fuel prices. Every time fuel goes higher, our profit goes lower. With President Trump fuel prices had been lower than they had been in years. With President Trump, jobs were up and unemployed was down considerably from previous President Obama.

So what is the solution? The American people must get together and get Biden and all the democrats out of office…immediately!! This fake president will destroy our country if we let him continue like he is.

For me and so many other haulers and truckers, lower fuel prices is vital for us and our family’s. Of course Biden has made it clear that he doesn’t care about us Americans, just look at all the illegals he’s letting come right on in. Look at the trillions of dollars he sending to other countries, but doing nothing to help the tax paying Americans that need help. Businesses are closing because of the Corona Virus, and Biden said he was going to get it under control, but yet he’s on a rampage to do for other countries instead of helping us.

This last haul despite the stupid high fuel prices, the weather was far from perfect. Snow, ice, extremely cold temps, and then to top it all off, a fog rolled in that was impossible to see through, and it was so hard to see, that 30mph was too fast.

rising fuel pricesrising fuel prices

This weather has been so crazy, so up and down, and kind of reminds me of Biden, the fake president. Up and down, not knowing what’s coming next.

When will the craziness stop? Folks, I’m serious, if we continue to allow Biden to run things like he has been, our economy will go to its worse ever. These fools are liars, cheats and not ethical in the least.

Let’s all get together and make a stand as tax paying legal Americans should. If you believe in God like I do, then please start praying for our country and the leaders…our government. Until Biden and his fake staff are gone, we must pray for the leadership of our country.

Always do your best,