Updates to my 2017 Ram 3500…

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Just added some new updates to my 2017 Ram 3500. Anything a person can add that will protect the front end vitals, like the radiator, ac condenser, oil coolers and transmission coolers is a must.

Hitting a large buck a few months back and that taking out my ac condenser, grill, front bumper and headlights got me more interested in front end protection. It came so close (millimeters) from getting my oil and transmission coolers, that I decided it was an absolute must to do something different than all stock replacement parts.

One of the things I added was a custom built bull bar that is very heavy duty and completely protects my vital parts mentioned above. It don’t protect the headlights, or bumper corners, but the main things that leave you stranded are protected.

I looked at many different options, like complete front bumper with brush guards built into this extreme front bumper, but the extra 300# + wasn’t something I wanted, nor did I want the ugly farm truck look. Having a nice, neat and clean looking truck is still important to me, so I decided to go back with the stock look, but adding a heavy duty bull bar that still keeps that clean cool look I like, but at the same time adds complete protection to the front end vitals.

See the recent pictures below…

updates to my 2017 Ram 3500

A few other important items to have for your tow vehicle are the right hitches, equalizer bars for large bumper hitch trailers, an additional fuel tank to hold extra fuel for long hauls, tire tools, bottle jack, safety triangles, good flashlight, and decent sized tool assortment. Zip ties are also a must to carry with you.

One of the most recent updates I’ve done is called a sway bar that works with my equalizer/weight distribution hitch. This is extremely helpful in the higher winds. (See it in the photo above). You can tighten up the tension on this sway bar which helps make it even more stable in the high winds.

Always do your best!!

-Mike Pilcher

updates to my 2017 Ram 3500


updates to my 2017 Ram 3500