Toy Haulers – Travel Trailers…

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The toy haulers are in high demands right now, and so are all travel trailers. These light weight travel trailers are designed to be pulled behind lighter duty trucks, like the 1/2 ton series.

Always remember, do NOT pull these travel trailers with using a weight distribution hitch. Especially the longer the camper the more you need the weight distribution hitch.

The other important thing to remember is, the lighter the truck or tow vehicle, the more likely the travel trailer could become the boss in bad situations. In other words, the travel trailer would take over and literally take you right off the road in winds, or other types of incidents.

Always make sure the travel trailer brakes are working properly so that it can help your tow vehicle stop quickly if needed. Keep in mind that 1/2 ton pickups and SUV’s don’t have big enough brakes for heavy towing, nor do they have the weight and suspension to handle heavy loads. The weight distribution hitch…also known as “sway bars” can save your vehicle, and your life, so take the time to get set up and use them as they are supposed to be used.

Even though my truck is a heavy duty 1 ton diesel, which is made for towing very heavy loads, I still take the time to use my weight distribution hitch and sway bar on each toy hauler or travel trailer I tow. It just takes one idiot driver to pull out in front of you without any warning, or stop in front of you, or winds to pop up out of no where for your trip to be spoiled…or ruined. It’s better to be prepared and over cautious…then to be sorry.

If you need help setting up your weight distribution hitch, then your in luck, because I have shown in detail how to do it on this blog site. These hitches are cheap insurance!!

See pictures below on how your weight distribution hitch should look like when hooked up properly. The bars should be parallel with the frame on your travel trailer if it is hooked up properly. Take the time to learn how to do it right…or go ahead and do it half way and get half or less results.

Notice in the pictures above how the weight distribution hitch bars are parallel with the toy hauler trailer frame, and see how the toy hauler is sitting fairly level. If you want your travel trailer or toy hauler to pull right, then learn how to set it up right. Gooseneck trailers and fifth wheels are the same, as far as getting them to sit as close to level as possible. A little high in the front is way better then low in the front.

Always do your best,

Mike Pilcher