Camper Shipping – Forest River Scam…

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There is lots of camper shipping going on all across the country, and you need to be certain that your camper will arrive unhurt. You also need to be informed of the recent changes Forest River is making…and what a big scam it really is.

Forcing people to not have the right to their own shipper, and charging more than anyone else charges for shipping? Not allowing dealers to pick up their own campers that they have paid for? Hummm ?

There are so many half notch shippers with no experience and poor equipment, which could damage your camper that you’ve worked so hard for.

Call MPE LLC right now and hire us to get your camper to you in one piece. Make sure you know that your prized possession will be delivered to you just like you purchased it.

Forest River is one of the largest camper builders there is, and with some of their new “so called” rules, they are making it mandatory that they decide who ships your camper and they also have decided that they can charge you what they want…and you don’t have a choice. This is actually more like a Forest River Scam than anything else.

Here’s the thing, you do have a choice!! It’s yours, your purchased it and that gives you the right to pick it up yourself, or hire who you want!! So fight it…and get a lawyer if needed. DO NOT allow Forest River to get away with this type of behavior.

Remember; Forest River is the camper manufacturer, and not your boss, and most certainly, they don’t have the right to force you to pay what they decide on shipping by their own shippers. I’ve seen these shippers in action and most all of them hook and go, and never check anything that they are suppose to check before going down the road. However, they fill out the check off sheets as if they checked everything.

Don’t be cheated by Forest River!! You have rights, and you should implement those rights. Check this out before making a purchase from Forest River!!

Don’t be bullied by Forest River, or anyone else. Fight for your rights!! You do have the right to chose your own shipper, and get the price you are comfortable with…and within your budget.

camper shipping - Forest River Scam

Need a good, experienced shipper? One you can trust and that has the experience and proper equipment? Look no further. Call MPE LLC right away and book your shipping. We also ship automobiles, boats, farm equipment, machinery and much more. Our rates are very competitive and guaranteed once we agree on a price with our customers.

We use the proper hitches and other equipment, not just for our safety, but also to ensure that your camper or load arrives to you safely and unharmed.

Camper shipping anywhere in the US. Check us out right away!!

Always do your best,

Mike Pilcher