Flatbed Hauling – Hotshot loads

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Flatbed hauling is in high demand, and even more so since the pandemic started.

As I travel up and down the roads towing campers and boats, I see more flatbed than I’ve ever seen before. Hotshot loads are popular, and many are doing these types of loads.

Flatbed hauling

If you are looking for someone to do Flatbed hauling for you, then give us a shot before making any other call…or before searching any further. We’ve done a great deal of uShip hauling, and most of it has been using flatbed trailers, hauling cars, trucks, suvs, and tons of farm machinery.

Feel free to do a Google search on us. You can search my name…(Mike Pilcher), or search my business…(MPE LLC), or search our farm…(Pin Oaks Farm) and see for yourself how legit we are, and how many people recommend our hauling service.

MPE LLC hauling service has been around for over 30 years, and we not only have a super high rating, but also a perfect record. Check us out and see for yourself!

Search uShip and you will find me, search Google and you will find me, search Facebook and you will also find me. We not only tow campers and boats, but we also do a great deal of Flatbed hauling.

Always do your best,

Mike Pilcher

MPE LLC Hauling Service