uShip Scam Alert – Lowball Bids…

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This is a uShip Scam Alert post, not a put down to uShip itself. Lowball bidders are ruining the great integrity of uShip, and hurting the real legit haulers.

I’ve been using the uShip platform for several years, but since the pandemic, it is full of scammy haulers and low ball bids. The real legit haulers, like myself, have years and years of hauling experience, and the right equipment (good equipment) to do the job they bid on.

These lowball bidders are absolutely desperate in every way, and more than likely will take you for a ride you don’t want to go on. In other words, if someone chops down a bid, let’s say by $1000, then beware…especially if they take the price per mile under $1.00 per mile. Why? Price of full and tires and upkeep on these trucks isn’t cheap, and anything under $1 per mile is scraping the bottom of the barrel, and most likely the person lowballing like this is very desperate and should make you very skeptical!!

Next huge tip is profile and profile picture. Does this lowball bidder have a profile picture? I seriously doubt it. Give away, or strike #1. Does this person have their profile filled out, telling who they are? If not, then that’s strike #2. Does this person show up in a Google search, when searching their name and name of their so called business? Probably not…and yes, that’s strike #3. They’re out…or should be in your eyes!!!

However, most people are soooo focused on getting something for nothing, they are willing to take a chance and get the cheapest bid possible, even though it could cost them way more in the long run when they’re shipped arrives damaged, or hurt somehow, or maybe doesn’t even show up at all. Now, don’t think this doesn’t happen…because it has!!!

uShip Scam Alert – Lowball Bids

It only takes a few minutes to hop over the Google and do a simple search of the person who bidding on your load. Don’t focus so much on the low bid, but rather on the person who is bidding and trying to get your load. Probably the person with no profile picture, no filled out profile, little to no reviews, and most importantly, they don’t show up in a Google search. Doubtful they even have a website or show up in Facebook either. Are you starting to get the picture?

Just like this website your on now, I have other websites and actual proof of campers, boats, machinery and other things, like vehicles I’ve hauled all over the country without one issue. Experience and integrity speaks for itself!!!

uShip Scam Alert

We only use the best equipment. Just like this shocker air hitch pictured above. It takes the beating from the rough roads so your trailer and load doesn’t have to.

uShip Scam Alert
uShip Scam Alert - Lowball Bids

Pictured above is a larger bumper pull toy hauler and check out the hitch set up I use for these types of loads. This is a equalizer hitch with stabilizer bar that helps make for a better ride for truck and trailer. It makes for a much safer ride and tow as well.

So you see, we don’t use junk in our hauling business. These are some cheap under rated crap that you buy at Walmart or the dollar store. These are for real serious haulers/shippers, who care about the loads they are pulling down the roads. The other thing is this, we don’t drive junk either. Trucks we use are meant for towing heavy stuff across the country. Lowball bidders don’t use this kind of equipment. I guess the old saying really would apply for those that want the lowball bids. You get what you pay for!!!

Have a blessed day, and don’t forget to do some research before hiring just any shipper (hauler).

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher - MPE LLC Hauling Service

MPE LLC Hauling Service

uShip Scam Alert - Lowball Bids