Biden Is Out Of Control – Should Biden and the Government be allowed to make Covid vaccines mandatory?

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I just watched a disturbing video…Biden is out of control, and far from a real leader, let alone a President. He is trying to do a speech and having lots of troubles talking (as usual), but looking into making vaccines mandatory for the US.

Biden is out of control

If they stole the election as they clearly did, then what else can they really do, or pull off before they get stopped? The Biden administration is an embarrassment and totally out of control. If you are a believer, then I’m asking for your prayers for all of us and our once free country.

I would really like your comments below so that we can get this post out there and going viral. Our country is in great need of all of us to make a stand together and take our country back before Biden ruins it. Seriously folks, we need to make a stand, and it must come sooner than later!!

As of right now we still live in a free country, so let’s KEEP it that way by doing our part…and standing up together for our rights. Remember, there is POWER in numbers!!!

Biden is out of control so let your voices be heard!! The entire Biden administration must go and get a real President (Trump) back into office ASAP.

Let me know your thoughts and concerns below.

God bless,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher