2022 Wolf Pup Camper to Loveland Colorado

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Towing 2022 Wolf pup camper to Loveland Colorado from Walcott Iowa was a pleasurable trip.

This trip has definitely been one of my very favorites so far. Delivering a camper is one thing, but delivering to someone who actually appreciates you, and knows how important good communication is.

Communication is the key to everything, and this particular couple was best at communication I’ve ever had yet. Bryan and Kim Harding was a pleasure to work with and their young daughter sure likes her knew camper. 🙂

Check out the pictures below…

2022 Wolf pup camper to Loveland Colorado

This couple done their research before selecting me as their shipper. They not only looked for someone that has a picture and profile that was complete and current, but they also made sure their shipper had a presence on Google, Facebook, and also that I had a website showing loads I’ve hauled recently.

Being a real person with current information is important, but having a real online personal and business presence is equally important. Answering the phone and messages will earn know, like and trust quickly. Communication will always help a persons business, and it will make any and all transactions smooth and mistake free.

Bottom line is, do what you say, when you say. Be honest and always put your customers first!!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher

MPE LLC Hauling Service