Fifth Wheel Shipping – uShip Reviews…

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Are you in need of fifth wheel shipping, or travel trailer shipping?

MPE LLC Hauling Service has the experience to move your large, or any size campers, boats, or any other trailers. MPE also hauls cars, trucks and other flatbed loads.

All your shipping needs can be taken care of by making a simple phone call to MPE LLC Hauling Service. With over 30 years of large equipment and hauling experience, MPE is the right choice.

Still not sure? Do a Google search on MPE LLC, or on owner Mike Pilcher and you will see that the incredible track record speaks for itself. Check our Mike Pilcher on Facebook, check out Pin Oaks Farm, and you will see that with multiple successful businesses, you can’t go wrong with MPE LLC, or Mike Pilcher.

You can also use uShip and check out the reviews there for others that have used MPE LLC and Mike. The service, the reputation, the experience, is unmatched. Using shipping platforms such as uShip comes with a great deal of inexperienced people trying to make a quick buck, and these people that have no picture, no profile and that you can’t find when doing Google searches, can end up costing you dearly.

You know the ok’d saying; “you get what you pay for”! This is almost always true!! These kinds of people bid the experienced shippers/haulers down to nothing and most people except the bid, because they are wanting cheap, and something for nothing. So it’s their fault to for not doing some research to find out if these low ballers are even for real, but rather they are after the cheapest bid they can get. Then when things go all wrong, that person will be the first to start screaming…(oh I was ripped off)…or they tore up my stuff…or they didn’t show up, or worse yet, they stole my stuff and I can’t find them. This happens all the time!!!

Do some simple research folks! If they have no picture and no profile, the get your butt over to Google and search their so called business and their name. If you can’t find them, then common sense should tell you to stay away from them and find legit people and legit businesses. Cheap isn’t always your best way, so stop being cheap, and start being smart!!

Whether it’s fifth wheel shipping you need, or travel trailers, boats, or flatbed loads shipped/hauled, make the right choice.

Always do your best!