Rising Fuel Prices…Rising Hauling Rates

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With the continued rising fuel prices, comes with the rising hauling rates and everything else. We can thank our fake president, Biden for all of this. And of course, he isn’t done yet trying to ruin this country.

So why do we have rising fuel prices? It’s not like there is a shortage…it’s all Biden!!

The point is simple; rising fuel prices makes almost everything else go up in price as well. Just like hauling cost. So many people think we can still haul their sh_t all over the country for the same prices we did when fuel was so cheap and affordable…(when we had a real President named Donald Trump)!!

Grocery’s are going up, and why? Because trucks haul that stuff and those trucks run on fuel. Get the point? So many people are really struggling with all of this, and I think we all know, we haven’t seen the end of it yet. How can we stop it? The answer would be…get rid of our fake president, Biden and his entire fake, cheating staff.

Let’s say we haul a load 1000 miles for $1000, and fuel prices right now being a minimum of $3.35 per gallon. And let’s say with this load we average 10 miles per gallon. Wouldn’t it be fair to say, mathematically that would be 100 gallons of fuel to make this trip? Now take that 100 gallons of fuel x $3.35 per gallon, and that would equal = $335.00. Now let’s say that we had some tolls to pay on this trip @ $50, and we use a platform called uShip that charges us 20% of the haul price. And because we accepted some low ball offer from someone that only cares about themselves and cheap, and expects everyone else to see everything their way, we accepted this deal…basically in desperation, so we could get a load and make some money.

So what did we make from that desperation haul? $1000 less that uShip 20% fee is $200, less the $50 toll fees, less the $335 in fuel comes to $415 profit for basically 3 to 4 days on the road…and we didn’t figure any food, motel expense, or maintenance expenses on vehicle. My point here is this: So many people work for penny’s, because of desperation. Wanting to make a buck and cutting themselves so short, to basically set themselves up for failure. With fuel prices like this, we cannot work for any less than $1.50 per mile…and that’s cutting it close when you have so many expenses out on the road, in these tough and expensive times.

Those that work less than described above are hiring themselves and everyone else. It’s time to step up and be a real business owner, and help the economy instead of hurting it like others are doing. All of the haulers/shippers out there that are working for under $1.50 per mile in these times, and many of you that are working for under $1.00 per mile, well, your being stupid, so STOP it now and start making some money, so you can keep your business going forward instead of backwards.

Stop accepting low ball offers for loads. Stop allowing others to dictate your business and your income. If you bid on loads, then don’t be desperate and go low balling like many are doing. The low ballers won’t be around long!! It’s their own fault, and they will literally low ball themselves right out of business. Have some pride and integrity and figure your cost and your time (which is worth something), and set goals for yourself and your business.

What is your minimum that your willing to go down to on hauling loads? Set your minimum per mile and stick with it!!

For my business, MPE LLC and MPE hauling Service, if I have a guaranteed backload bringing me back close to home, then I might come down a little, but my minimum per mile right now with the current fuel prices is; $2.00 per mile. If people don’t like it, I don’t care, because it is up to me to keep my business operating in profit, and not being so desperate to go doing cheap ass loads that don’t pay the bills. Integrity based business comes at a cost.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher


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