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Toy haulers are very popular, and this Forest River Rogue is one of the best bumper hitch designs I’ve seen yet.

This one is a 36′ with slide out that really opens up the kitchen and garage for a nice roomy space. This unit has solar panels on the roof and a nice onboard inverter generator. With a large fuel tank and pump station, this rig will make for a nice boon docking rig.

Forest River RogueForest River Rogue

The only draw is, this unit comes with a hefty empty weight of close to 10,000#, and a heavy tongue weight due to large generator right on the front. This makes it a MUST to tow it with a 1 ton truck, or a real heavy duty 3/4 ton, and equalizer bars.

Forest River Rogue

Notice in this picture right above here showing the equalizer hitch and bars set up. See how the bars are parallel with the frame of trailer? This is the way these are suppose to be used. I see so many going up and down the hi-ways with bars way down in back, or way high in back. If you aren’t going to take the time to set these up right, then what’s the use of even using them. They DO NOT work properly unless parallel with trailer frame.

If you don’t know how to set these up, then call us, or do a simple Google search on how to set up equalizer hitches…the right way. I’ve also done a blog post on these hitch set ups, and doing it the easy and right way. Find my post on this site by doing a search on the right side of this website.

Trust the people like Mike Pilcher and MPE Hauling Service, that tow these units all over the country when it comes to the importance of using equalizer hitches, also called weight distribution hitches.

I don’t care if you have a 1 ton or Dually, you still should use a weight distribution hitch w/bars on these heavier bumper hitch campers or trailers.

Why, well why not? Trust me when I say, take the extra time to hook everything up properly. They make these hitches for a reason, and if you tow long distance, and in the wind, you will be glad you have the weight distribution hitch and bars.

The scary thing we see going up and down the roads, is people with their weeny 1/2 ton pickups and squatting way down in rear with a heavy, long bumper hitch camper or trailer of some kind. These folks are either non experienced, to lazy to do things right, or just plain stupid. Sorry, but it’s the truth!!

Check out one of the Forest River Rogue toy haulers and see for yourself how nice these units are. They do have a bit of a hefty price, but you know the old saying, “you get what you pay for”.

Questions about this unit, or for any of your hauling needs, contact MPE Hauling Service.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher - MPE Hauling Service