uShip Comment Feeders

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What are uShip comment feeders? These are the people that constantly feed on comments of others snd then do their best to undercut the honest bidders, so they can try and steel jobs from the honest ones.

Unfortunately these comment feeders usually win because most people who are looking to hire someone want the cheapest bid they can find, and don’t care about ethics or honesty at all, especially if they can get their crap hauled cheap.

Here’s what I mean by uShip comment feeders. These no face, no profiles, no reviews type people are constantly scouring through the real business people’s comments with potential customers, and they feed on the prices and conversations between others and then go in and message person looking to hire someone and do their best to undercut the original person. Yes, this happens all the time, and needs to be stopped!!

The problem with this type of unethical conduct is it beats the honest haulers out of jobs and then for the person hiring usually gets what they paid for. Cheap, unprofessional, unqualified, uninsured, unlicensed, and not the least bit concerned about anyone else…including you…the person that hires them in the first place.

What does cheap get you?

Well, I kind of just explained it above! In most cases, cheap doesn’t get you anything other than, someone that isn’t qualified in the least to do the job you’ve hired them to do.

Take the time to look past the end of your nose. Look deep into who you are about to hire. Do they have a picture, or just a blank spot by their name or business? Do they have a completed profile, pictures of jobs they’ve done, and how about reviews? How about a Google search to see if they even exist? What about a Facebook profile or page? How about a website of their business?

Let me guess, NO they don’t! But yet, you are going to hire them, and all because they are the cheapest person you can find. So what’s this say about you? Listen, I’m not beating on you, or these so called professionals that claim to have a legit hauling service. If they don’t have any of the mentioned criteria mentioned above, then stop making all your decisions based on the dollar bill. These actions will only leave you frustrated in the end, and possibly with damaged goods, if they even arrive to you.

Everyone deserves work, but everyone has to earn it honestly, snd ethically. We all have to start a zero, but why cheat, steal, hide and lie about what your doing. Face it, we have people running our country right now like that, which doesn’t mean the rest of us have to copy those poor examples.

Do your research, and stop the cheaters, the cons, the liars, and the unethical people that are only out to make a buck, and cheat the honest ones out of work.

Let’s make things better by being better examples, ourselves.

Always do your best,

-Mike P.

Mike P.

MPE LLC Hauling Service

uShip comment feeders