Mike P is uShip Highly Recommended…

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Have you heard that Mike P is uShip Highly Recommend?

So if you are using uShip platform to find someone to ship you vehicles, boats, campers or other loads, then you may want to consider using Mike P.

Who is Mike P?

He is a uShip authority and comes highly recommended from all that have ever used his services. Inside of uShip and especially outside of uShip. Outside of the uShip platform, he hauls up to 100 loads per year, of campers, boats and flatbed loads. His business is; MPE LLC, also called Pin Oaks Farm.

Mike and his wife Rhonda live just north of Trimble MO on their farm where they grow specialty items, like pumpkins, mums and high end sweet corn.

Trying to find a trustworthy hauler/shipper for you camper, boat, vehicles, or farm machinery can be daunting, and very frustrating. Most people hide behind the blank/stock picture image and most never have completed a profile telling anything about themselves. To top that off, when you search their name in Google, well, they never can be found. Same goes for Facebook, or any other social media platform.

So why would you trust someone like that? Here’s a tip: You Shouldn’t!! If they aren’t responsible enough to have at least one picture, or a completed profile telling you about them, then say NEXT. True professionals will have some kind of profile and pictures, as well as a website and especially Facebook or other social media showing that they actually do exist.

Here’s another tip about using uShip. They are so afraid that you or the hauler will try to work outside of their platform, they will scrub your full name out, and any other info you may put, like phone number, addresses, or something that would allow someone to find you any where except their platform will be scrubbed…

And if that isn’t enough, they will give you email warnings that tell you if you do it again they will remove you from their service. Yep, sounds cool huh? Totally uncalled for!!

Another huge tip you should know about using uShip. Their hidden fees! They charge you a percentage as well as the person you hire to use their service. So who’s making the best money here? It isn’t you or the actual person that does all the hauling. It’s them!

So why does Mike P not have his last name on uShip? Simply because if he does they will remove him. It’s all because his MPE LLC is registered with them as well as his name, but they won’t allow both, and it’s all because someone might go outside of their platform snd do a Google search and find him, then this would cut them out of their commissions.

Trust me, if you do a Google search for MPE LLC and or Mike Pilcher, he is everywhere on first page, second page and beyond.

And why is that?

Simple, because he has done the work to make sure he and his business show up everywhere possible for people to find. He is legit, and real.

This is not a slam or put down to uShip at all, but rather an awareness about the service and warnings encase you may use it. This keeps you from getting in trouble with them on down the road. And if your only after the cheapest hauler you can find, well use that service, because you can definitely find people who low ball to where it’s super cheap for you. However, you may never see them or your stuff again…if they even show up to get it.

You see, most people who don’t have a profile or any other kind of online presence probably aren’t true professionals, and may be hiding from something or someone. Maybe not, but why wouldn’t they have a profile or Facebook or something if they want their so called business to work and make them money?

Shipping can be expensive, especially with the high fuel prices and all of the escalated prices that our fine fake president biden is responsible for.

As prices go up on fuel and everything else, so does shipping cost. You can complain about it, but it isn’t the shippers fault, they have to raise their prices as everything else raises, or they would go broke. I’m sure this makes sense.

The one thing you can be sure of is this; Mike P is uShip Highly Recommend and you can trust him and his business. Just look at the reviews, which speak for themselves!!

Always do your best!

Mike P.

Mike P