Best Towing Hitches – Trailer Towing…

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Would you like to know what the best towing hitches are? Trailer towing is something that is fairly simple, if you have the right equipment.

Best Towing Hitches

When it comes to trailer towing, there are many things that come into play before you hook and go.

Do you have at least a 3/4 ton truck, or possibly a 1 ton? Many folks use 1/2 ton pick up trucks, which is fine for light loads, but when it comes to the heavier loads, step it up to 3/4 ton, or preferably 1 ton.

Always remember, it’s better to have more truck than you need, than not enough truck. And as far as SUVs…If you are asking for trouble, then go ahead, and make sure you let me know how it worked out for you. Lol..;)

Below is a picture of my 2017 Ram 3500 which is the 1 ton stud horse, especially when it comes to trailer towing…

best towing hitches

Below is the Curt sliding 20k fifth wheel hitch. This is the one I use in my 2017 Ram 3500 short bed. Highly recommended!

best towing hitches

Next hitch below is the Curt 14k weight distribution hitch, and highly recommended for towing campers/travel trailers and enclosed bumper hitch trailers. This is the one I use on my 2017 Ram 3500.

best towing hitches

best towing hitches

Next hitch is the Shocker 16k air hitch, which is perfect for campers, utility trailers and especially boats. The air hitch gives a soft ride and takes the beating out from all the rough roads. My friend Bob Sagen, owner of can fix you up with one of these babies.

Shocker air hitch

What about long hauls and eliminating so many fuel stops. We all know when towing long distance, the fuel mileage goes out the door and stopping every 200 to 300 miles for fuel sucks, and makes it hard to make any kind of good road travel time. Another thing is, with fuel being so expensive, it makes it hard to find good deals on fuel prices when you need to fill up. Below is the solution, and it’s the fuel tank I use and recommend.

best towing hitches

The picture above shows my gooseneck hitch. Having multiple hitches is a must if you plan to tow many different types of trailers. In the picture above you will also see my RDS aluminum 70 gallon auxiliary fuel tank. I have a shut of valve on the left lower corner with a fuel line running down to my main tank and a special one way valve to allow gravity feed into my main tank. I have a fuel gauge on the auxiliary tank as well as a fuel pump and fill up handle just like the pumps at gas stations have. I use this for filling up my farm equipment as needed.

If you have any questions about the above or the best towing hitches, then feel free to contact me with your questions. Trailer towing is something that many people do nowadays, but many have turned it into a full time business, and those are the ones the above hitches benefits the most.

Safety is the number one thing when towing, and all these hitches above are tested and proven to stand up to anything you will tow. Don’t risk having something bad happen before you decide to upgrade to the proper equipment.

Always do your best!

-Mike P.

Mike P

P.S. The RDS auxiliary fuel tank and gravity feed valve can be purchased from along with the GPI fuel pump and filter kit, and other hitches shown above. Don’t forget to price check with as sometimes eBay is cheaper for the exact same part.