uShip Broker’s – What are uShip Broker’s?

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When looking for someone to ship your load, be very careful with uShip Broker’s.

What are uShip Broker’s?

Broker’s are people that set behind desk and know little about shipping your stuff, nor do they care. This is all about getting as many loads as they can and making as much money as they can.

These desk vultures make the bids, usually keep chopping bids so low there is no money left for actual shippers, and these people don’t do the hauling, they assign drivers they have already booked to full to come and get your stuff.

The problem with this is; you may or may not have anyone show up, and if they do, they will probably not even speak English, so unless you can speak other languages, good luck in communicating with them.

I’m not bashing Broker’s or anyone else at all, just simply pointing out some very important things here that everyone needs to be aware of. I get these questions all the time about Broker’s, so that is the reason for this post.

uShip Broker's

If you are using shipping platforms like uShip, then you will see so many low ball bids, and I mean down in the cents range. We don’t make money on cents, we make money (profit) on dollars. Low ball bids are either Broker’s, or someone new to the shipping platform your using and they have no clue what they are doing, and are probably pretty desperate to get a load.

I’ve mentioned in previous post on the importance of doing your research. Here’s my honest opinion before you hire anyone to haul your stuff. Do your research on the people you are considering to hire.

What research?

Go to Google, or your favorite search engine and type in the persons name and or their business name. If they are legit and trustworthy, they they will show up on first and second page of the search. Check them out on Facebook too. Face it, most everyone has a Facebook profile.

Red flags?

Well red flags would be these people or businesses you are searching don’t have profiles completed, no pictures, no reviews, no website, and really no online presence at all. That would be a big huge red flag and you should forget them and keep looking.

Desperate people do desperate things, like low ball other bidders. I mean like $500 or more drops in prices from other bids…unless of course the other bids are just stupid high. Right now a good fair price per mile is $1.60 to $2.50 depending on size and weight of load. Let’s say I have a 6000# truck I’m hauling and I have to take it 1200 miles, this would be an easy $1.85 to $2.25 per mile load, with high fuel prices like they are right now.

Low ballers and desperate people would bid this above example to $1.00 per mile or less. I’m just telling you what I know, and that is ignore these kinds of people and find real shippers that are honest and legit!! Honest and legit people/business owners don’t drive prices down this low, because they know there is no money to be made on these kinds of bids. Platforms like uShip will take 20% of the bid from the person that bids and they will also take a percentage from those wanting to get the shipping done. The only person making money in the example above is uShip, or whatever shipping platform your using.

uShip Broker's

Most all of the Broker’s will have terrible reviews, if you take the time to read them. Reviews like, no one showed up, the driver couldn’t speak English, driver wouldn’t call me back, driver canceled for no reason, driver was 3 days late, driver was rude, driver was an asshole. Does this sound like who you want to deal with, or have hauling your stuff?

This is exactly what you’d get with uShip Broker’s!!

It takes some time to do research, read reviews and search people, but with the high touch, high tech world we live in, and most everyone has smart phones, so research is simple…and pretty darn quick. Do your research!!!

Always do your best!

-Mike P.

Mike P.

MPE LLC - Mike Pilcher