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I’m sure you’ve heard of shipping feeders by now? After all, is pretty well known when it comes to getting cheap shipping.

You can get campers, boats, horse trailers, utility trailers, flatbed shipping cheaper than dirt…)? Well, you can, if you aren’t picky about your stuff or who hauls it. After all, you want the cheapest shipping possible…right?

Healthy Competition is Good

Why do I keep hitting on this same topic over and over? Is it because of competition, or rather my concern for you and your items that you are wanting to get shipped? Healthy competition is good, but the back stabbing and actually trying to steal jobs from others to better yourself is totally wrong.

You see, I’ve got more work than I can keep up with, so it’s not about more work for me. Instead, it’s about you! Yes, I actually care about other people. Maybe you aren’t a believer like I am, or maybe you are? Either way, it’s ok. I love giving and helping others, and tithing is especially important to me.

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people, and those are givers and takers. I’m the giver…the one that loves helping others. Then there are takers, the ones than are only worried about themselves…and no one else. These takers don’t care who’s toes they step on to get what they want. And actually, they will intentionally take advantage of others (you) so they can better themselves.

So what does that have to do with I challenge you to visit and look through some post that people have placed up for bidding so they can get the cheapest shipping possible for their stuff they are wanting shipped…like their camper, boats, utility trailers, or maybe it’s vehicles they want shipped, or other flatbed loads.

What Are You Looking For?

Here’s what your looking for. Go to the comments of the shipping load your looking at and read the comments by people trying to get the person shipping to let them have that load. They are feeding off of others that are also bidding, and let’s say I leave a comment for you (the shipper) and I’m asking questions, like how’s the tires and does it have a good spare tire. Now here comes the feeders and start feeding off of my comments to get the shipper to choose them. They will also see what bid is then try and con you into some ridiculously low offer so you choose them instead of the bidders. shipping feeders

This platform is good, but it’s also become a big low balling, cheating game that hurts people like you. What do I mean? Well, when you look at these con artist (the ones I’ve mentioned above), they don’t have a profile, no pictures of them or their equipment, they don’t have a real name, they can’t spell, or even carry on a decent conversation, but yet people hire them because they bid some low ball bid and here’s what happens next…

If they even show up to get your stuff for shipping, it may or may not arrive to its destination, and if it does, who knows what condition it will be in. Things happen, I get it, but do some simple research on who your hiring before you say yes. And here’s a HUGE TIP: Beware if the low ball bidders. Here’s a true fact…you cannot haul a 10,000# load of any kind for 600 or more miles for less than $1.45 per mile with this inflated economy. Fuel prices are stupid high and with tolls and other expenses that comes with driving all over the country, it cost money. The biggest thing is; uShip takes 20% right off the top of the final bid. And they also get a nice percentage of the person who is hiring someone to haul their stuff. Yep, you guessed it, is making way more money than anyone else here. Maybe it’s a scam? shipping feeders

Is this starting to make some sense? It’s all a big game, and a game that will hurt you if you aren’t careful, and smart about who you hire. Not patting myself on the back here, but I’ve worked hard to get where I am and proud of my accomplishments. But without God directing my steps I wouldn’t be where I am!! Do a Google search on me and my business. Search Facebook for me, or Twitter, or LinkedIn. You will easily find me. In, you will see I have a completed profile, check my reviews, because those reviews are real people I’ve hauled for and those reviews speak for themselves. I haven’t made all that stuff up, it’s real, just like me and my 30+ years of owning and operating my own businesses. shipping feeders

These feeders or low ballers will get you if you aren’t careful. Just do your research first before making your final decision. If you know of someone wanting to use, warn them and educate them so they don’t get hurt or taken advantage of. uShip can be good, but also bad, like other platforms as well.

Hiding Behind Something – Not Legal Businesses?

The bottom line is this; there are so many people out there trying to make a living, and many have chosen the path of hauling other peoples stuff. And of course they’ve chosen uShip for one main reason. This platform allows them to use it without proving they are a real person, or a legitimate business. Makes you wonder what they are hiding from, or not disclosing? Kinda scary, right? But it’s the truth!! shipping feeders

You will notice in my completed profile that I have my MPE LLC business entered, because I am a real legal and licensed business. I have DOT# and all documentation, but I noticed when I first started with uShip years ago, then didn’t need much from me to get started. That was kind of a red flag, but I went ahead. Now, after all of the illegal stuff happening in our world, uShip has really opened its gates up for anyone to come in, kinda like our borders have been opened up for anyone to come in to our once great country. It’s sad, but it’s also the truth!! Truth and Facts

Whether you chose to use shipping feeders platform, or just call me directly and avoid all that hassle, I’m good either way. By calling me direct, you will have one on one communication with me and without any bidding wars to deal with, or the not knowing who’s hands you are putting your valuables in. But hey, if you want cheaper than dirt, then I’m not the one for you!!

Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Being in business for so long as taught me much, and working for cents instead of dollars don’t pay the bills, and honestly will leave you constantly chasing the money, living paycheck to paycheck. I understand you wanting to get cheap shipping, trust me, I get it, but what about me and those that are driving the miles, paying for the expensive fuel and insurance? What about me and those that are racking up miles on their vehicles and themselves? Bottom line, most don’t care about that at all, they only care about one thing…themselves and getting cheaper than dirt prices they want. Remember what kind of people those are? It’s up above encase you missed it.

Make Yourself Easy To Find

Don’t forget, I’m easy to find on Facebook or Google…by searching my name Mike Pilcher, or my businesses, MPE LLC, Pin Oaks Farm, or Airbrushing In Kansas City.

Always do your best,

-Mike P.

Mike P.


P.S. Let’s do some math real quick for example purposes, to show how some of these feeder/low ballers/desperate people think. I consider my time worth a great deal, especially when being away from my family, however, there are many that don’t count their time, they only see a measly few hundred dollars. Living paycheck to paycheck mindsets…

Let’s say we have a 2018 fifth wheel camper that your bidding on, and this camper is 40′ and weighs 13,000#. And let’s say you’ve got a good truck like I do go through the mountains and total miles for this trip is around 1000 miles. The job/load offer is $1350 less the uShip 20% fees leaves you with $1080. Now let’s say your tow vehicle gets 8 miles per gallon pulling this large fifth wheel camper for this 1000 mile trip, which will take 125 gallons of fuel/diesel one way. Out west fuel prices are $3.50 at best, so that would cost you $437.50 just to get it there, and we deduct that from the $1080 from above leaves you with $642.50. Tolls would be approximately $30 and then you will have food, drinks, etc to deduct. Just deducting tolls of $30 from $642.50 leaves you with $612.50 and we haven’t deducted food, drinks or a place to sleep on this lengthy trip.

My point is simple; these people I’ve mentioned that are constantly feeding off of other peoples comments with the shippers and being so desperate to get these jobs are not going to be in this business for long. Driving for at least 14 hours one way and putting 1000 miles on you and your vehicle is worth way more than a measly 600 bucks.

One more thing for this example: You still have to drive back home, assuming you have a place you call home. Maybe you can get lucky and hijack another load to take you back like these feeders are trying to do? Maybe this load was a backload to take you home?

It amazes me how clear the writing on the wall is, but desperation leads some to no think clearly, or maybe they don’t understand simple math.

Have some dignity and ethics, and don’t cut other peoples throats just to get what you want. It ruins this industry…and makes things worse for everyone!! Here’s something to leave you with from the example above: We was around 600 bucks and still didn’t figure a trip home and fuel cost for that trip, but the 1000 miles less the expenses we finished with and the $600 left rings up a measly .60 cents per mile. Absolutely pathetic!! The world is full of dishonest and unethical people, don’t be one!

Instead, be the giver we spoke about earlier, up above. Don’t be the taker.