Cheap Shipping Offers

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If your in the business of hauling loads, but your getting cheap shipping offers, then don’t panic.

Almost everyone out there is being stupid when it comes to trying to be a cheat and get someone to haul their stuff for some cheap offer they think in their mind is a good offer.

Looking for desperate haulers

The problem is, they are trying to find someone either desperate, or they are to stupid to realize that the cost of everything is super high right now, and going up every day. Some people are just cheats and wanting to con someone into doing what they want, and make that person think it’s a good deal, when in fact it’s cheap, dishonest, and a real slap in the face to the person hauling the loads.

Cheap Shipping Offers

If someone is thinking this was back in 2019 or even around 2020 when the dishonest Biden and company cheated their way into office, then I could possibly understand their low offers, but most people are always looking for the deal, and usually at someone else’s expense. With all the inflated fuel prices, along with everything else (thanks to Biden), there isn’t any such thing as cheap anything anymore.

So what’s the solution?

If you are a person wanting to ship something, and a control freak, then making offers is your game. But if you are the person wanting to find good, honest folks with experience, for your shipping needs, then forget the controlling game of offers, and instead, put it up for bidding. The bidding allows many people to make bids on your items to be shipped, and now becomes a better way for you to find someone that (you) can pick and still be the winner in the end. You still control the situation!!

This is 2022 with inflated prices

Just realize, this is 2022, and things are higher now than they have been in a very long time. Because of all the inflated prices, everything cost more money now, and I mean everything!!

RV dealerships often times low ball drivers

Many times the worst low ball offers for drivers come from rv dealerships. They are always looking for desperate haulers, and ones that will come to their ridiculously low offers. Some are forgetting that the driver is the one risking everything! Like time away from family, expensive insurance, licensing, racking up lots of miles, losing sleep, paying for expensive fuel, buying food out on the road, tolls to pay, hotels, DOT, and much more. So whether your a rv dealership, like central rv, Ottawa rv, an auto dealership, some other rv dealership, or just an individual, be open minded to the inflated prices now, and don’t try to be a cheat just to get what you want. There are so many hard working and honest people out there in these tough times looking to haul loads of any kind, but you have to be open minded, and realize this is a much different economy right now than it was a few years back.

Having the right equipment

Pictured below is the right equipment. A good reliable 1 ton truck with auxiliary fuel tank. Gooseneck trailer with hydraulic dovetail and heavy ratings. A 10k to 12k electric winch. Air hitches, equalizer hitches, gooseneck hitch ball setup, and fifth wheel hitch setup. All of these hitches must be at least 20k ratings, like the ones pictured below, or there is risk of failures when towing large, heavy loads.

cheap shipping offerscheap shipping offers

The people you are looking for that have experience, the right equipment, the experience, and the work ethic are not cheap, nor desperate. These kind of people are harder to find, especially if your looking to be in control and throw out your cheap shipping offers.

Finding someone that has been in business for a long time

My company isn’t in the business to barely get by. MPE LLC is in the business to help people, to serve, but also make a profit. The good businesses make profit and stick around for years to come, like mine has. My business (MPE LLC) has been around for over 30 years and still going strong. I will not be the cheapest hauler by no means, but I am honest, very dependable and legit. I will do what I say I’m going to do, and if I give you a price, I stick with it!

Look for people that show up in numerous places, like Google and social media

You can find me by searching Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by searching our farm…Pin Oaks Farm. This should tell you something. If I’m that easy to find, then that means I’m that good. Not arrogance, just truth!

Remember, you will get what you pay for!!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

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