Machinery Hauling – Flatbed Hauling…)

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MPE LLC not only hauls campers and boats all over the country, but also does machinery hauling. Flatbed hauling of all kinds, automobiles, hay bales, farm machinery, pallets and more.

Finding someone to haul wrecked vehicles, or vehicles that are not running can be difficult, but don’t worry, MPE LLC can take care of your hauling needs.

Machinery Hauling

All types of machinery can be hauled on flatbed trailers, but not all flatbed trailers have the ability to load and unload vehicles that are not running like the trailers we use. These deckover trailers have hydraulic dovetails, and 12,000# winches that can pull vehicles right onto the flatbed. Our trailers also have the ability to haul 25,000#. Our hydraulic dovetails have the ability to lift 10,000# which makes things very easy.

machinery haulingmachinery haulingmachinery hauling - flatbed hauling

No matter if it’s a wrecked vehicle, or not running, MPE LLC can handle it. Maybe it’s farm machinery, planters, grain drills, tractors, excavation equipment, or track loaders? Either way, Mike Pilcher and MPE LLC can handle it.

Call Mike right away and book your loads.

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MPE LLC Hauling Service