Shipping Rates for 2022

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Have you wanted anything shipped and checked the shipping rates for 2022?

If you have, then you’ve obviously noticed the huge increase in shipping rates. And, if you haven’t, then you are about to see what I’m talking about.

Before Biden, fuel prices were at an all time low. Diesel, which is what I use, just as over 95% of shippers/haulers do. In 2021 fuel was on the rise and end December it was over $3.00 per gallon. Now we are in February 2022, and fuel is on the rise again. I just paid $3.39 per gallon with my discount.

Missouri is one of the cheaper places to buy fuel, and right now it is at an average of $3.499 per gallon for diesel. There is absolutely no reason for this whatsoever. This is all done by our fake president. Let’s Go Brandon!!

So what will shipping rates for 2022 be at the end of this year? It’s actually kind of scary to think about with the Dems we have in the White House right now. Seriously, each time the dems are in control, everything goes higher than ever before.

So how can they say the economy is better than ever before? Fuel, oil, propane, electric, food, and everything is at an all time high. So I guess that means that all jobs are paying all time high wages too…right? WRONG!! This is the problem we face. Everything goes high, and peoples wages don’t go with it, and people are forced to use credit cards to keep up. How on earth does this help our economy? Well, it don’t!!

Places like uShip and other shipping platforms will give you their average on what it should be for shipping, but they don’t have a clue, because they DO NOT drive up and down the roads. They do sit on their lazy as_es and push buttons, which someone has to do, but don’t quote prices for something you don’t do, or know anything about.

In this inflated economy, if your hauling for $1.20 mile you can makes some change, but your not making many dollars. Bring that rate up to $1.80 to $2.00 per mile and you can make some decent money. Shipping rates MUST raise with the fuel prices or the truckers and actual haulers or hot shotters to make enough money to make it worth their time, efforts and all the bs we have to put up with on the roads.

There are so many idiots out there flying around, not driving, but flying and totally out of control, jumping lane to lane, no signaling, and to top that off they are on the phone texting. It’s the truth!! So all of us that haul loads all over the country definitely need a raise just to put up with all these fools.

So will the shipping rates for 2022 change anytime soon? Not unless we all make a stand and make it change. I mean all of us that haul loads for a living. Here’s the deal, if none of us cave in to the person wanting the stuff shipped for what they want to pay, and we stick to what we need to make money, then things will change for the better. If these low ball offers get shot down, then they can’t get their stuff shipped until they decide to pay what the actual rates have to raise to.

shipping rates for 2022shipping rates for 2022

The worst problem is, so many people are desperate to get loads, they will accept or offer or bid some stupid low price, usually $1 or less per mile, and that right there kills the market. It screws all of the real and legit shippers.

Example below:

Total of 1400 miles to haul 6000# vehicle.

Bids as low as $1.00 per mile.

UShip fees 20% of bid which is $280.

Tolls to pay for this trip are $45

If we get 10 miles per gallon on this trip that would be 140 gallons of fuel x 3.499 per gallon = $489.86 just in fuel.

Food and drinks would be at least $40.

$854.86 is all cost for this example trip.

$1400 for trip less 854.86 = $545.14 is what’s left over for driving 1400 miles and several days of your life.

The above example is just that, an example. I didn’t figure in wear and tear on you and you equipment, or insurance and licensing. If your realistic and take out all cost, then you might clear $500 bucks if your lucky. So if we was to double that price per mile and now we could make $1000 for same trip and this would be way more attractive to all of us that drive all over the country and lose time away from our family’s.

You get my point here?

All prices have inflated by a bunch. Lumber prices, fuel, propane, tires, and everything else…except most of the shipping rates. Now here’s some of the tricky stuff…the scam to most all of it. Brokers are the ones making the best money, and they are screwing their drivers. The drivers are the ones doing all of the work and miles, but yet the brokers jack shipping prices way up, but keep most of it. Honest way to do business isn’t it.

This is why I am a private shipper. I am NOT a broker and I’ve been in business for myself for over 30 years. I book my own loads and haul my own loads!

So for all those that wanna bitch about everything, especially how it doesn’t cost what much to haul stuff down the roads, they are full of bs. They don’t know because they don’t do it. You can’t know everything there is to know about something you don’t actually do, or ever have done.

Need someone to ship or haul your vehicles, or utv, or farm machinery, or maybe your camper or boat? Call Mike for good reliable service and good rates. Over 30 years of experience is worth a lot more. You will always get what you pay for!!!

Always do your best,

-Mike P.

Mike P