uShip Flatbed Loads are way to Cheap – .80cents per mile, are you freaking kidding me?

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Not sure if your one that uses uShip, or have heard about the uShip flatbed loads are way to cheap?

Well, it’s the truth! Apparently uShip tells its customers they can get shippers for .80cents per mile, are you freaking kidding me? For starters, uShip has no clue what it takes to haul a load, especially with all the inflated prices of everything, and especially fuel. They provide a platform for people wanting to ship something and finding those that will do it for them. That’s all uShip does…period!! They need to shut their mouthes and stop killing the profits for all of the people that actually run the roads and spend the money to make the trips.

uShip flatbed loads are way to cheapuShip flatbed loads are way to cheap

Isn’t it amazing how many people, like uShip, stick their noses where they don’t belong? Here’s the problem with uShip telling people these ridiculously low prices. Now all of the people wanting to ship something now think that they can get some fool to haul their crap for those low prices, and they keep reposting their ads and keep reposting in hopes they can find someone desperate enough to accept these foolishly low prices.

In today’s economy, if you are hauling stuff for under $1.00 per mile, your an idiot!! For one, you must me really desperate, and another thing is, you will NOT be in business long doing stupid stuff like this.

Do you want to make a little money, or do you want to make a decent living? Are you a short term business, or a long term business? Do you realize that when you do these stupid things that you are killing the profits for the real shippers/haulers? Yes, it kills it for everyone else when people accept low ball offers, or they bid some desperate low bid.

Why does it kill it for everyone else?

Think about it, it’s not rocket science. When people bid low ball bids, or accept someone’s low ball offers, now everyone expects all loads to be super stupid cheap. It’s setting a new standard, and one that forces the haulers to go elsewhere for loads…places that have much higher standards and won’t allow just anyone to come in and use the service. It’s to bad that uShip is cutting their own throats, but they are forcing people to go elsewhere to do business.

uShip flatbed loads are way to cheapuShip flatbed loads are way to cheap

The uShip flatbed loads are way to cheap, as well as all of uShip loads. They’ve allowed people to come in and sign up for free account and most of these people have no hauling experience, they don’t have the proper equipment, they don’t post any pictures of themselves or their business, and they don’t fill out a profile. So no one can even see if they have a legit business or not, because they don’t even show up in Google searches or on Facebook, or anywhere else. But, because uShip was stupid and shot their mouths off of how people can get people to haul their crap for .80cents per mile, they’ve allowed these no names, no face, not legit people to come in, hoping they can get load prices lowered.

There is no more lowering of shipping prices until we clear out the white house and get a real president in there. He’s the one that drove the fuel prices up, and he’s the one that is driving all of the prices higher and higher, with his stupid policies. So until serious changes are made to lower all prices, especially fuel prices, there is no more cheap hauling. And for those that do haul stuff for .80cents per mile, well let’s just say…they are short lived!!

What about uShip?

As for uShip, if they don’t raise the bar and stop telling people they can get ridiculously low haulers, then it’s a matter of time and they will drive all of the good shippers and haulers away, and then they will crumble!! It’s a shame, because when I first started using the uShip platform it was good. But now, it’s almost impossible to get anyone to accept a decent bid, because of what uShip has told them and people wait and wait and repost and repost their ads in hopes of finding someone to do their loads for nothing.

Everyone wants something for nothing!

Well, not everyone, but almost everyone wants something for nothing nowadays. Integrity it out the door, and more and more of disrespectful people have came up to the surface. Such a shame!!

Not all that long ago, people would use Google to find people to haul their stuff, but nowadays, everyone is out to get the deals. Out to get something for nothing. Out to get others to accept what they want to pay. These people have forgot that haulers have a business to run, and they are the ones to set the prices, and not the one that is looking for someone to haul for them. Some have integrity and most don’t!!

If your looking for a honest hauler, then look no further. No games here, no bs here, no hassles here, just an honest, professional shipping/hauling service.

What is next?

Call Mike right away and get your loads on the calendar. Who wants to play the uShip flatbed loads are way to cheap game, or constantly post ads trying to find someone you can trust, or depend on?

.80cents per mile, are you freaking kidding me? On uShip maybe, but not here. What’s the difference? We have a real legit hauling service, and most of the ones on uShip are far from that. They allow anyone to come in there, and we have much, much, much higher standards than that!! And don’t get me wrong, I am in no way putting down that service, but rather I’m making people aware of what you can expect when using that service. Most of all, how you can get screwed in a hurry by using that service and the unqualified people they allow there. Just beware!!

Are you ready to find someone to help with your loads? Someone you can trust and depend on? Maybe you like playing the bid games, or more like the cut throat game? Or maybe, you are a person of integrity and are looking for someone like you?

What are you waiting on? Call Mike Now!!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

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