2022 uShip Scam – This Screws All Legit Haulers…

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No doubt this has been quite the year so far, but here’s the biggest 2022 uShip scam yet. Of course uShip and their ridiculously high fees makes them very profitable, but to put the screws to all legit haulers is totally uncalled for.

We all know uShip will pay the price for this kind of misbehaver, but for now they are getting by with it and making it tough on the legit haulers, that rely on good paying loads to make a decent living doing what they do.

Who is making the most money from uShip and their shenanigans?

Of course uShip are the ones making really good money from all the fees they collect. But, right now they are catering to the new comers/haulers that have no pictures up, no profile for people wanting something shipped to review. These people have no experience, most do not have the proper equipment, and most don’t have insurance. Good luck trying to find them anywhere online, in Google searches, or Facebook, because they don’t exist. These people are making cents per mile instead of dollars, so the good thing is, they won’t be around long. With all of the inflated prices, like fuel, food, and maintenance on tow vehicles, these no names won’t be able to survive long by doing these loads for nothing.

Will uShip pay the price?

No doubt uShip will pay the price all right, these low life and unprofessional moves mentioned above will leave them without any business, or totally bankrupt and out of business. These types of behaviors have a way of coming back around full circle. Now, for non believers, they don’t think there is anything wrong here, nor will there be any repercussions from it. There is always repercussions from lack of integrity and cheating people intentionally, like uShip is doing.

2022 uShip scam

This 2022 uShip scam should be brought to everyone’s attention that uses this uShip platform, or plans to use it. This use to be a really good shipping platform for all to use, but since Covid, it’s spiraled downhill very quickly. Even the no names with zero experience should have the opportunity to make money with something new, but there has to be some guidelines set. Things like: you must have a completed profile to use these shipping platforms. You must have pictures of you and your equipment. You must have a valid drivers license. You must have proof of insurance. And last but not least, the shipping platform (uShip in this example) must not tell people wanting stuff shipped that they can get someone to do it for .50cents when they have no clue what it cost to run these loads up and down the roads. They furnish a shipping platform…period!!

Will anything be done for such uShip misbehavior?

I doubt it. The bottom line is people are looking for the cheapest shipping they can find and most don’t have much integrity, so they only care about what they want, and don’t care who’s feet they step on. The actually haulers are the ones that do all the work, drive the miles, lose sleep, buy the expensive fuel, insurance and licensing, but this don’t register to most. Common sense isn’t most peoples strong point. As a matter of fact, it’s actually something that very few nowadays have.

Is this post slamming uShip?

Well, this time I am actually slamming uShip, and trying to make people aware of how they really operate. For people that have been on uShip working their butts of the get the good reviews, that have pictures and completed profiles, Facebook accounts, websites and Google rankings, like myself, it doesn’t benefit us at all with uShip. Such a shame!

What is the solution?

The solution that I would recommend for people wanting to ship something, is to forget uShip, and instead, go to Google and do a search for someone, or go to Facebook and search. This way you cut out the bs, you cut out the stupid fees, you also cut out the ones that don’t have the experience, insurance, or proper equipment to haul the loads.

2022 uShip scam

Just remember to do your research on people before hiring them. Stop looking for the cheapest haulers out there and start looking for qualified and legit businesses that have been around for awhile and that have the experience needed for the shipping required.

uShip is a scam

Google is the best place to start!! Don’t forget all the other social media platforms, like Twitter. So much information out there, if you take the time to look and do your research.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

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