Travel Trailer Transport

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When I’m not working on our farm, I’m hauling machinery, fifth wheels and doing lots of travel trailer transport. There are numerous transporters out on the roads these days, but most don’t offer the service that I do.

Lots of people nowadays are looking for the cheapest service they can find, but the downside to that is nothing more than you get what you pay for. I’m not saying that the cheap transporters can do good work, but I am saying, most don’t give a rip about your travel trailer, or whatever it is you are shipping. They only care about getting paid and getting the next one so they can keep their heads above water, because they bid so cheap to get the work.

In my business, I care about you…(my customer)!! I am not looking at the next job, I’m only looking at you and your needs. I am only looking to give you the best service possible and to take care of your travel trailer, or whatever I’m shipping for you, just as if it was my own. And trust me, I am very picky with my stuff!!

How can you be sure about shippers?

The most important thing you can do is search the person you are thinking about hiring. If they don’t have a picture, or picture of them and their equipment, or don’t have any kind of profile completed anywhere, like uShip, or Facebook, then you should just say next. Yes, get good at saying next. In other words, run from those kinds of people!!

Is cheap shipping the best?

Always remember one thing, cheap isn’t always your best option. Most often you get what you pay for. When it comes to most things, like shipping things, like your travel trailer, or fifth wheel, or hauling your cars or trucks somewhere, be careful of your choosing, be careful and do your research before allowing the dollar bill make your choice. Don’t look back and have huge regrets later!!

Are there other things to look for?

Of course, there always is. If the people you are going to hire don’t have pictures, completed profiles, and don’t show up in Google searches, or on Facebook, then run away from them!! If these people do have pictures, then look at their business profile for how long they’ve been in business and especially look at their reviews. Look at their equipment, their tow vehicle, trailers they use to haul with, look at the travel trailers they’ve transported. Travel trailer transport is not hard, but to do it right, and to do it safely, these transporters must have the right hitches and tow vehicles for safe transporting. Below you will see the equalizer/weight distribution hitch I use for all my travel trailer transporting.

travel trailer transport

The picture above you see how my weight distribution hitch is set up? See how the bars are parallel with the camper hitch/frame? You also can see the sway bar for extra safety. Now this is a 1 ton truck, so it don’t need all of this, but it’s the safest and best way to do transports. I don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety, or my clients belongings…period!!

I’m so sick of seeing people going down the same roads me and my family’s are traveling on towing stuff so unsafely. It’s crazy the kind of transporters I see out on the roads. Towing travel trailers with rear bumper of tow vehicle 2″ off the ground, or things like SUVs towing large travel trailers and no weight distribution hitches, and the hitch they do have is bent downward. Oh yeah, it’s true!! If I was to tell you what all I see, you probably wouldn’t believe it, so I will just save it.

travel trailer transport

The bottom line is, whether it’s your travel trailer, or fifth wheel, toy hauler, or your having someone transport you vehicles or machinery, just take the time and choose carefully. And remember, don’t let the dollar bill decide for you. Let the experience, years of business, and the ones with good reviews and good equipment be the ones you choose.

You can’t beat experience!!

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher

MPE LLC Hauling Service

MPE LLC Hauling Service